Villager Breeding Problems

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  1. Hello Gamers.

    I tried making villager breeders, but they are not working on the server, i made the exact same on singleplayer, and it worked there, there are none special plugins that should block it on the server.


    Any knows a fix, or what the problem could be please help us out :D
  2. try /gamerule randomtickspeed 3, mabye that is the problem... :unsure:

    if it worked let me know with a rating...:)
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  3. You should never just change the game's tick speed, things can get messed up and it will cause a lot of lag.
  4. 3 is the standart minecraft tickspeed maybe the problem is that the random tickspeed is set to 0 and than villagers dont breed...
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  5. Puremin0rez


    The default "randomTickSpeed" is 3.

    20 ticks per second isn't the same thing.
  6. owwhh.. thanks :LOL: