Spigot Villager Optimiser [1.14.2-1.16.5] 1.1.5

Reduces performance impact of villagers in 1.14.2.

  1. Hey, the plugins should work fine together. Lobotomizatornator only affects villagers trapped in holes, whereas optimiser only affects villagers missing a bed or meeting place - so you should get some benefit from both
  2. Works on 1.16.5?
  3. Yes, it should work fine
  4. Plugin doesn't work anymore since 1.16. Villagers still do what they normally do. Tested it with 600 villagers. The plugin did 0 with the villagers.

    The plugin needs to be fixed!

    It " should work fine" but it does not work. The video on this plugin main page said it as well in the title of the video.

    You can fill in whatever tick rate you want but the villagers do everything within the tick so its pretty useless.
  5. Hey,
    The plugin only limits how often villagers can search for beds and meeting places (and job sites pre 1.16), it won't limit how frequently they can do anything else. I've just tested the plugin on the latest 1.16.5 Paper release and it seems to still be working as intended. Here is a before and after timings comparison:

    Without VillagerOptimiser: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=7081e179098c4dfda24347f5030bdf58
    With VillagerOptimiser: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=bbcd638d37b4416c8511d633611cd7ef

    Villager tick come down about 25% with the plugin installed in the timings above. Noting that this is in a world with 100 villagers lacking any memories that are near beds and bells which they are unable to reach. This is the plugin's 'ideal' situation for reducing the performance impact of villagers - in the real world it will have much less of an impact and will depend on how players keep their villagers
  6. So, it do not limit the speed of searching a job, rigth? Because they get the jobs withouth a timing, i thought it wasn't working. And Does it need SAML for working?
  7. That is correct, it doesn't limit how quickly they find jobs. The plugin does not need SAML to work
  8. any update for 1.17?
  9. any update for 1.17 ?
  10. Is this plugin abandoned?
    No update for 1.17.1?
  11. hey! would it be at all possible to get a 1.17.1 version of this? having this exact issue on a 1.17.1 server
  12. can u update for 1.17.1 ?
  13. Please update! 1.18.1, thank you! ! ! !
  14. Does it actually not load on 1.18?
  15. Unable to load into the server
  16. Based off the Github page, which is now archived, I daresay that froobynooby will not be updating it anymore

    And that would probs be due to the villagers having been optimised enough for this plugin to not really be needed anymore, or just not making as much of an impact as it once did

    Alternatively, hit up that person's fork, and ask for a build: https://github.com/twinklestar03/Anti-Villager-Lag/commit/2b16c7625509c8b03c600d977c76e4f804f70978