Villagers on my server are not spawning

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  1. Villagers on the server are not spawning.
    Nor do they appear with villager egg spawner.
    I don't understand what the problem is or what plugin is affecting, could you help me?

    Video to be understood

    Plugin list
  2. This is not spigot problem.
  3. Could you please stop this eternal writing of random one-liners bringing absolutely nothing usefull to the OPs issue, except for increasing your message counter? Getting tired of seeing you in every thread here writing nothing usefull...
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  4. I was just saying it's not a spigot issue hahahahahahahahahahaha
  5. Hello,

    If I had to guess, my bet is that it is either EssentialsX-Protect, WorldGuard, or ShopKeepers that is preventing villagers from being spawned.

    Let's check each possibility:

    Possibility 1: Do /rg i. What regions are you currently standing in? Do /rg i [region name] to check its flags, and then also check /rg i __global__. If mob-spawning is set to false in any of the regions you're standing in, then that may be why you're having trouble spawning in mobs. Do /rg flag [region name] mob-spawning true to allow mob spawning in the region.

    Possibility 2: Check your EssentialsX config.yml file. Find the "EssentialsX Protect" section, and when you scroll down a bit, check under "spawn:" make sure villager is not set to "true". If it is set to true, this means that EssentialsX is preventing villagers from being spawned in. You would want to then set "villager" to "false" and then restart your server to see if that fixes your problem spawning in villagers.

    Possibility 3: Go to your Shopkeeper plugin folder, and then open the config.yml file. Find "block-villager-spawns:" in the configuration. If this is set to true, it is blocking villagers from being spawned. In that case, set it to false, save the file, and restart your server and see if that fixes the issue you're experiencing.

    Best of luck! Feel free to reply to this thread and let me know what it was & if this helped!
    If none of my suggestions helped resolve the issue for you, look into other plugins that you have. If there are any other protection plugins. Check to see if they're interfering. Like "ProtectionStones"?

    And @chochoco4777 your comments are not relevant to the thread or helpful. I am pretty sure there are rules against posts like yours.
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