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  1. So recently I came across a problem with a plugin built on BungeeCord.

    The plugin I'm developing has to have a "VIP Slot" permission so players with that permission can connect to BungeeCord without getting the "Server is Full" message.

    Is there a way to do this without implying the use of a Bukkit plugin?

  2. The only permissions that bungeecord has built in are the ones in the main config file and obviously it wouldn't be a great idea adding the 'VIP' players to that config. There is a way of doing this on the bungeecord instance, however you would need to store the 'VIP' players somewhere (in a database perhaps) and then check if the player is on the 'VIP' list. If the player is on the list then you can allow the connection if the server is full.
  3. You would need to use MySQL (or some other database service) and store the users which have donated. Or if you use PEX with MySQL you may be able to just pull the list of VIP's using a MySQL query from the PEX tables.
  4. Yeah, but you can only allow connections on the bukkit side. This is rather frustrating because I know how to do it with a bukkit plugin and a bungee plugin, but the person that wants the plugin says that he doesn't want a plugin alongside the bungee plugin, he just wants a bungee plugin that magically does everything. I know this can only be done storing the data and then allowing or disallowing the connection of the player on the bukkit side.
  5. You can allow/disallow the connection via BungeeCord. As said you just need to use a database to store who is a VIP.
  6. How can I accept a connection in the bungeecord side?
  7. Accept a connection for what exactly? The player login?
  8. In bukkit you can listen to the PlayerLoginEvent and invoke the method allow() so the player joins even if the server is full or not.

    The person that wants the plugin is sure that I can do it somehow using the BungeeCord API without a Bukkit plugin.

    To my extend this is impossible unless you allow the connection with the method I cited above with the help of a bukkit plugin but he wants to have an input from the spigot community anyways.

    I know this is simple stuff that I shouldn't be asking, but from the POV of the client he thinks I'm wrong and that there is a way to do it..
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  9. Doc


    And this?

    If I'm not wrong this event is when trying to connect to bungeecord (not yet you are connected to the server) Might there slots arm the system vips.
    You can also (if not in this event and I check the cant of people connected) if you have 100 slots keep only 80 for general and the last 20 that only they can use vips when connected (as the servers TS3 to avoid take someone already this)
  10. I thought the client wanted something else, he only wanted a feature that kicks players when a amount of online players is reached. I overcomplicated things, thanks for your responses.
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