Virmach. - Any good?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by KrackKiD, May 31, 2016.

  1. I came across this site

    Is it any good? Someone used them? Please give me some head-ups about this host. :) They got VPS, Dedi, and Shared-hosting, for minecraft. :)
  2. I have been with them for less than one month. I took a vps from them to host 5 statics websites using a kloxo manager.

    In 3 weeks, my VPS has been nullrouted 2 times (48hours each time).

    First given reason:
    I had only 46% memory used ! and others is buffered. i told it to them second reason they gived me:

    There are no spam there i m IT manager for more than 10 years, all my maillogs there was clean.... They take me for an idiot !

    What I can advise you is to run away. Or take a server somewhere else, if you haven't already done: RUN !
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