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  1. so im trying to make a skript and i got the code but when u put the items in the chest from /vault [<text>] but when u open one of the vaults and put items in it does not save

    command /vault [<text>]:
    description: custom playervaults plugin
    permission: vault.player
    permission message: &e&lVaults&7&l>> &cNo Permission
    if arg 1 is set:
    if arg 1 is equal to "1":
    open chest with 6 rows named "&e&lVaults" to player
    send "&aMade By:"
    send "&aStriqing Dah Gamer | StriqingPvP"
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  2. im sry but i want to make my own i do currently have playervaults and i do not like it idk why but its over used so i feel like making my own creation
    if u want to help me with it go a head i would enjoy the help
  3. Oh, well, Fair Enough
  4. lol why do people use Skript? You learn literally nothing from it... it's like those giant Lego blocks for toddlers.
  5. why do you even come to the section then it clearly says "Skript" not java script or anything like screw off
  6. What do Skript and JavaScript have to do with eachother? lmfao
  7. Personally i learned some stuff by Skript, now I can easily do stuff inside of Java, don't judge it. It is a way of simplifying stuff for lazy people or for those who don't have the time to learn Java.
    For the OP:
    Listen when the player closes the inventory and save the contens to a variable, and load them once the user opens the vault.

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  8. can you send that in skript for me
  9. Why don't you like Playervaults, nothings broken or anything. It has a great configuration, you can change the prefix of the plugin, you can change each vault's color. What's not to like?

    Anyways, I found some plugins that are similar to Playervaults, you might like them. Check it out.▶-endervault-◀-store-items-in-lock-pickable-vaults.22365/.
  10. like i said i would love to make my own creation. something that i would use on a daily basis on other servers or even. on my own. its a 16GB server and i want to make everything outta skript... it seems dumb but its a goal i wanted to do when i started skripting and im almost done