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  2. Wanted to test it because it looks interesting but... the Statements-, Expressions- and Eventlist is empty :(
  3. hmm thats weird, could you try running the jar from the terminal to see if there are errors?
  4. Ohh i always run jars from the console and got no error.... also got the sourecode and rebuild the jar with the sourcecode... still empty lists :/
  5. are you using java 8?
  6. Tested it on 8 and 11
  7. Windows-only?
  8. Very basic, but I like it. Hopefully more features are added. Scrolling on the side bar is a little slow for me. Program lags in general.

    Assuming its multi-platform since its built in Java and you can just run the jar.
  9. im not sure what the problem is then, could you join the discord to make it easier to discuss?

    yes more features will be added, the pre-release is just a proof of concept kind of thing. youre right the scroll bar is slow but the nothing else lags for me, is there anything in particular that causes lag for you?
  10. Neat, although I expected it to be made with Visual Basic, given the name. I want to suggest Bukkit IDE but it seems that's been done already. Also, I think you meant visual programming environment, not language. Anyway, nice work!

    Edit: It seems a VPL is not qualified by replacement of syntax, but how syntax is displayed to the user. My bad!
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  11. I think this is a really great resource to get people started off! Good work! Maybe set up some test programs on there too so people can see an example. (I didn't download it so idk if thats already a thing)
  12. Actually there's already Pluginblueprint by InventivetalentDev. It's 8 euro(pretty cheap imho), but open-source too.