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  1. Hello, is there any chance to make possible VoiceChatting in-game, server side?
  2. It would probably require an accompanying client mod to go with it that each user would need to download/install to use.
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  3. I already built this a while ago for my server. Maybe I will publish this, but it will always need a clientmod or atleast an applet in your browser.


    (Sry that the screenshot is german)
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  4. This cannot be done without additional server and client mods, as mentioned above.
    I know that Spout offers key listeners, but I have no idea which servers, if any, offer
    this feature.

    If it were possible in an easily implemented fashion, servers would see no reason
    to link people up to their teamspeak servers.
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  5. You'll need to run a forge server and have a mod that optimizes you to do this on your server.
  6. That's pretty neat, is the voice chat pretty smooth?
  7. I will maybe publish my voicechat tomorrow. You dont need forge
  8. What all do you need for it to work?
  9. Only restructure my old code and copy paste from my old mods
  10. I imagine those mods are required by all players on a server that uses your plugin, right?
  11. 1. Plugins can't do everything - some are more of mods, like mcMMO

    The cheapest way to get voice chat would be to use TeamSpeak, but it requires hosting
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    I think even if you find a way, you will end up not using it as it'll be mostly a waste of time and players won't want to install mods just to use a voice chat which, most players don't even do. Just rent a Teamspeak 3 server, or if you have a VPS or dedicated server, just install TS3 Server onto your server and run it; by default you get a 32-slot free license.
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  13. TeamSpeak is good enough - most players won't like to install mods but they won't mind teamspeak, 32 slots in enough if nobody comes on.

    Also good to know, some people don't even know how to use TeamSpeak. Yup
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  14. Would need client mods - just use TeamSpeak, Mumble or even Skype.
  15. Very Nice
  16. Use team speak then let some bot move the users between channels to create ranged mode :0

    Could someone do that?
  17. I'm not trying to advertise anything, but this is a free ts3 server hosting provider if your interested, I've used it myself and it works well:
  18. Teamspeak <3 Minecraft isn't fitting for serverside voice chatting.

    If you want local voice chat, make a plugin that hooks into Teamspeak and mutes people that aren't nearby, and unmute when they are close enough.
  19. Did you post your Voice Chat Plugin?
    Because I need one for my server and I dont want to have mod.
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