Void damage?

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  1. In one of my plugins im trying to have when a player is knocked off into the void and was hit off by a player it would set the death message. I cannot find out how to get if the damager was a player and if the death cause was void damage in one event. I don't really support spoon feeding code, but if its possible if someone could push me in the right direction that would be great thanks so much!
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    You can check the last damage cause for an Entity, there is a DamageCause enum value in that object, you can look for VOID that way.
  3. Hey, use a entitydamageEvent.

    You cannot check if damagecause is voud in a entitydamagebyentityevent. So get your entitydamageevent and check if your damager is a player and check if he is in the void. So if the y < 1 or something.
    Then create a message and create a damager player variable and set it in your message.
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  4. Check if the 'y' is less than 0 in entity damage event