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All in one super lightweight Void World Generator

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    VoidGenerator - All in one super lightweight Void World Generator

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  2. floory565


    Hi! I was just wondering how you made th icon for this resource - it looks cool and I want to make similar-styled looking icons. Thanks in advance!
  3. I am using Adobe Illustrator CS6 to create vector graphics and just export them as PNG files. Hope this helps you out =D
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    Yep awesome, even your profile pic is sweeeet
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    Update Checker & Overall Performance

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  6. error to iniciate plugin in 1.10

    [Craft Scheduler Thread - 29/WARN]: [VoidGenerator] Failed to check for a update on spigot.

    Any solution? Thanks
  7. Hi @prodigy90
    That means your Server was not able to connect to Spigot to check for updates.
    The plugin should be working fine :)
  8. SlimeDog

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    Please add configuration. I want to option to not update, for example (I have an automated update checker). And option to disable metrics, if you re-enable them.

    Nice to have a void world. How do you recommend to transport players there if they fall into the void in other (Multiverse) worlds?
  9. Good plugin !
  10. Hey @SlimeDog,

    thanks for the feed back. I hope I understand you correctly, if not please correct me. The plugin does not have an automated updater. All the plugin does is try to connect to the spigot back end to see if there is a newer version out. I consider that feature neccessary incase there needs to be a fix to the plugin, I ll not push unneccessary updates.

    Regarding Metrics, there is already an option to disable metrics completly. Go to plugins -> PluginMetrics -> config.yml and set the value opt-out to true. That will completly disable metrics on any plugin that uses it.

    Code (YAML):
    # http://mcstats.org
    : true
    : <your guid>
    : true
    Regarding the transport. There are couple plugins on here that fire certain defined events once a player touches the void. I would recommend to either use minecrafts buildin teleport command or use multiverses command. In my tests both seem to work nearly identically.

    Hope I could help you out.

    Thanks a lot.
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  11. SlimeDog

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    Thanks. As I said, I have an automated update checker, so I don't need VoidGenerator to check. Please allow me to configure whether it does or not.

    I will look at void avoiders.

    I disable metrics.
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  12. SlimeDog

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    Looking forward to 1.11 support, or confirmation that no changes are required.