Spigot VoidSpawn 1.0.1

Teleport players using a specified commord or worldspawn.

  1. Paradaux submitted a new resource:

    VoidSpawn - Teleport players using a specified commord or worldspawn.

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  2. smmmadden


    Did you intend to make this as a Bungee - Proxy plugin and not a spigot plugin? Let me know which one and I'll add it to the spreadsheet so server owners can locate it and know where to put the jar file.
  3. No I didn't thanks for the heads up, they all look pretty similar on the dropdown!
    (Can always add bungee support is people are interested)
  4. Might there be a way to remove the message in chat "Console teleported you to spawn"?
  5. My plugin doesn't send the user a message at all, if it is sending the user a message that has to do with what command you're using to teleport them to spawn, i.e essentials/cmi most likely. If you wish to remove this message you could consider teleporting them to the co-ordinates/world specifically rather than relying on a /spawn command.

    The plugin allows full freedom for you to run whatever command you like when the user falls into the void, not just /spawn {username}