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volcanos' activity in minecraft

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    Volcano - volcanos' activity in minecraft

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  2. Hi, nice plugin, perhaps you should mention it needs worldedit to work. What about submarine volcanos?
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  3. Hi ! I remove the world edit dependancy.
    Submarine volcanos, why not, i will see that later :)
  4. A little bug report ;-)

    I had to disable the plugin because the following happened:
    - a volcano errupted near me (via the command)
    - I had a Nether Portal in my claimed and protected area (via the Landlord plugin)
    - the portal was adjusted by the Volcano code, so it now consists of a couple of blocks of obsidian only and everything else was converted and surrounded by dirt and stone blocks

    Hope to see this resolved soon :)
  5. Hi ! Thanks for the repport.
    OK i'm going to try to disable the modifiiyng of obsidian if this is a portal, but at this time you can just protect the portal with the antisismictool.

    (3x3x3 magma_blocks, and on this heart of magma block you add 3 obsidian, like this image :

    This prevent from volcanos at 60blocks around it.
    You can try the tool : if you add a coalblock on the highest obsidian, the coal block disappear and a bell song is singing.

    Now i'm going to try to remove this bug ^^
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  6. I think the bug is removed ^^ :) (if the portal is destructed by the volcano i can't do something ^^ but if it's nearly the volcano, no problem :) )
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  7. + You should add a /Volcano tp to make you tp to the nearest volcano.
    + You should add titles which warn that you are approaching a volcano, that it is in action, or that it is going to erupt.
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  8. + You should add that they also automatically erupt every few minutes.
  9. + You can also add in the config.yml that you can edit the size of the volcanoes.
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  10. + You can also add that being in an area close to the volcano will establish effects like: confusion.
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  11. + You can also add WorldGuard support
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    you can now config the max size of a volcano in the config file (max is 160 to prevent lags...)

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    0.0.6 more configurations

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    0.0.7 add ops' command /forcecontinueeruption

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  15. Hi, you can add Lands compatibility to the plugin?
  16. I like this plugin, I would like to see smoke rise from the top of an active valcano (with no tool built) and if you could have random valcano's generated within the world. If a player is traveling on ground or flying that the plugin would give the chunk being written a .5% chance to cause an eruption within that chunk as long as there is not another valcano within 500 to 1000 chunks and it is not within 10 chunks of a claim.
    Also if someone finds a random valcano and then claims the valcano, it will not erupt anymore. This prevents a player from having an ore generator on his claim that others can not mine as well as preventing the valcano from destroying parts of a claim.


  17. i don't know what make you change enableworld to disableworlds.
    I don't think everyone all like it summon in every worlds.
    i only want it in my resource world. now i need add lots of world name to disable.
    Once I create a new world i need add it to config to avoid it summon volcano to destory my world.
    anyway i think i would still use version 0.0.5. Plugin is really awesome i don't want to remove it from my plugin list.
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