Spigot VoteForwarder 1.3

Forward votes to other servers!

  1. Ben12345rocks submitted a new resource:

    VoteForwarder - Forward votes to other servers!

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  2. not on the bungee server yet, but with a bungee network yes.
  3. Is this compatible with NuVotifier?
  4. Yes.
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  5. Is this a replacement for votingplugin?
    Or do we still need that plugin?
  6. No, this just sends votes to other servers
  7. No is a bad answer lol no to what?
    No replacement? This is an addon?
    Please no yes / no xD
  8. VotingPlugin gives the rewards, Voteforwarder just forwards votes to other servers
  9. [​IMG]
    Got this using your plugin. The lobby receives perfectly the vote, voteforwarder sends to another server and it occurs this. on lobby im using nuvotifier and on the another votifier.
  10. My only guess is to check that you have the correct infiormation.
  11. I did sir and all its correct. I have all the servers on the same machine,.
  12. Is the port you used available? There is something wrong with the connection, so check everything.
  13. yeah I've opened all the ports on firewall and checked with canyouseeme.org, do you mind if u come on Skype for a screenshare to see that all is correct?
  14. Don't have time for that, but it should work if everything is correct.
  15. Whenever u have time could u pm me? I could pay u if u get it work.