Spigot VoteKick [Free] 1.4

It's like VoteKick plugin, but it's free

  1. robertforyou submitted a new resource:

    VoteKick [Free] - It's like VoteKick plugin, but it's free

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  2. joehot200


    Someone made a paid plugin like this? Well done for making a free version.
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  3. Yes: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/votekick.7578/
    My plugin doesn't have yet all features (sounds and effects) because i do not know what effects and sounds he used, maybe i will add some sounds, but they will not be the same as i don't bought the plugin because it doesn't worth it.

    The thing for auto-vote expire after some mins i will make in a few hours, i can't right now because i have to do my homework for school.
  4. Can you make it that you can set the amount of players needed to kick or set a % of the players online, and that with the % that only non-afk players count.
  5. With "amount of players needed to kick" what you mean, votes needed to kick a player, or players online to start a vote?
    And about non-afk i can't do anything about that, because every plugin that have afk system use it's own system, and i would need to integrate lot of plugins in my build path and search in every plugin if the player is afk.
  6. Like amount of players that need to vote until a player is kicked, no all -1. And ok by the AFK thing
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TAKE DOWN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Please take this plugin down because you are copying
    the original plugin without permission. Next Time ask the
    Developer of the Plugin.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TAKE DOWN -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  8. You've gotta be kidding me :DDDD

    Thanks mate for plugin.
    Could you please add permission for immunity?
    For example that they cant votekick specific players?
    Thanks ^_^
  9. If this plugin does same as an other plugin that doesn't mean i can't post it. This plugin have 100% my own copyrights as it's made BY ME from ZERO.

    Sure man, let me some hours, as i will add the option to put a specific number of kicks needed to kick a player. I will also modify something on it, now votes needed are total players-1 (if number of players > 4, else it's total players), from total players i will make total players with permission to use /vote command. Also i will put same for messages get on chat when vote ends, start etc., only players with permissions to use /vote will be able to see them (same for scoreboard)
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  10. Aww man..
    I thought this will work for me :(
    I belive its something with java versions....I dunno
  11. Hmmm, on your error log it appears to be from this " Scoreboard board = managerscoreboard.getNewScoreboard();". What java version are you using and what server version (1.7.10, 1.8, 1.8.1 etc)
  12. Server running on 1.8.3 spigot
    I belive I'm running java7
  13. Hmm, on my 1.8.3 spigot it works with no problem, i will compile plugin to java6+, it was to java7+.
    Let me 30 mins to finish also configurable number of votes needed and repair that count of votes needed in function of player that have permission.

    Edit: I think i got the problem, trying to fix it now
  14. This is nice! My players will love it! Thanks for doing the right thing...
  15. robertforyou updated VoteKick [Free] with a new update entry:

    Bug fixed + Added option to select between normal count and custom count

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  16. It works now.
    Can you add that immunity from vote kick please?
    Also I think that custom vote count won't be effective.
    Why? Because not always theres that many players for example online and if there is not all of them would vote.
    What I suggest? I suggest you to add option that it requires for example 60% of online player count
    For example:
    Theres 100 players online, vote kick has started and it requires atleast 40 votes for kick.
  17. I would think it uses essentials for kick so im sure u have the perm already.
  18. Nope, it uses 100% bukkit api, i will make immunity in next update where i will make 60% from players with permission to vote instead of all of them -1