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  1. support Holographic Displays?
    Top voters?
  2. tried asking for support in discord vp channel and theres been no replies for almost 12 hrs....

    my voteparty is not sending out keys.... my vp verison is 1.13.0 spigot 1.14.2 the reward command is - cr givekey @p votekey 1;1
  3. VoteParty is untested in the 1.14 environment, so make sure other commands work in the rewards section, if so, make sure the cr command works from console. Should it continue not to work you could try the full cmd not the alias of 'cr'
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  4. apparently cratereloaded changed the way they handed out keys.... vp still works fine in the 1.14.2 for me
  5. Your spigot is outdated,

    either downgrade VoteParty to v1.9.9 or update you spigot to 1.13+

    (Also suggest buying the plugin since you're not in the buyer list)
  6. the plugin has been purchased by the OWNER the server, I will tell you to do what you say, thanks.
  7. clip


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  8. Hey would you please be able to send the whole server multiple crates at once? For example
    /vp startmulti #
    Where # is the amount of crates to send to everyone on the server.
    This will eliminate the current chat spam produced when sending more than one at a time.

    Thank you for a great plugin!
  9. clip


    Just wanted to give a heads up regarding the status of VoteParty. As you all can see I am no longer the maintainer of this project. This was my first premium resource and also one of the first premium resources made available on Spigot. I released this plugin in 2014 and it has been a wild ride. I know over the years I have neglected this plugin due to other projects and time constraints (yeah I suck at managing my free time) but I did not want to let this project die. It was a hard decision but I decided to pass the project on to my buddy Glare who is going to give it new life. He is currently rewriting it from the ground up and the plan is to make it a “freemium” plugin. It will still be premium but also open source. This was definitely not easy to let go but for the sake of the project I felt it was needed. Glare will be able to dedicate more to the project than I have over the past years and this allows me to focus more on my other projects. Glare is a member of my team and we work on many projects together so just because he is now maintaining the project doesn’t mean I won’t be around to contribute or give feedback. I don’t want anyone who uses the project to be worried because it is in good hands. There will be an update released soon which completely overhauls the plugin as well as the source being provided on GitHub. I wish Glare the best of luck with the project and can’t wait to see what’s in store.Id like to thank everyone who has supported the project over the years and know that my decision to do this was simply for the best interest in keeping the project alive and giving it new life.

    Thanks everyone and long live VoteParty!

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  10. Update to 1.14.4
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  11. It's currently being rewritten from the ground up by Glare, so have patience as it will take a bit.
  12. i can use this with NuVotifier? Or need the only Votifier
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  13. is there any duplicate IP check option?
  14. Can you add one?
  15. It doesn't sound like something the plugin would need to handle. Vote sites in general already handle preventing you from voting from the same IP multiple times in a day.
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  16. This plugin is mainly for voteparty I'm saying make it so the vote party doesn't apply to alt accounts... how is that not something the plugin should handle
  17. Most vote sites handle IP logging, which would prevent you from voting from an alternate account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent alternate accounts if the person decides to use a VPN to vote. What @ItsMeGlare is trying to tell you that it is pointless to make a feature that is already done from the voting sites end.
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