VoteSend not working

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  1. Here is the error I get upon typing /sendvote jakichan77 :

    And this when I type /sendvote jakichan77 :

    And this is my VoteSend Config:

    All of my servers are run from the same machine using Multicraft.


    All fixed, the votifier IP's had ports after them.
    Still having an issue though... Votes from /sendvote work fine but real website votes don't go through even though when I test the connection with websites, it says it connects fine...
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  2. The plugin gives me an error on load, strange. I figured it was simply broken for everyone.
  3. CCT


    Paste the Custom section from Skyblock underneath the Key section on PVP.
  4. It's actually there, it didn't paste correctly apparently, I'll edit that paste.
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    Have you made sure that the votifier for each server is listening on those ports? Have you made sure you have copied the keys correctly?
  6. Could that be the possible reason for the error though?
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    Well, this line is right at the bottom of the error:
    I would triple check the things I told you.
  8. I'm on it right now :p
  9. All fixed read the edits please.
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    Awesome, glad I could help.

  11. Actually outlaw, techincally it's fixed, as in there are no errors, but when a player votes, votifier does not recognize it. /sendvote works perfectly and the reward is given, but when I vote with an actual website it does not work correctly though it says that it is connecting fine when I use the "test connection" button on listing sites and the "test vote" option on minestatus. I'm confused...
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    Thats bizarre. I am really not sure about that. What Vote listeners are you using? There could be a conflict.
  13. GAListener on the other servers and the only listener on the Hub is VoteSend. I don't even know if that's considered a listener.
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    You need votifier on the Hub for it to work.

    External Site -> Hub Votifier -> Hub VoteSend -> Separate Server Votifier -> Separate Server Listeners

    Edit: I am pretty sure I am correct. If there is no Hub Votifier, nothing is actually listening for the votes coming in from external websites.

  15. I didn't mean that I didn't have votifier :p
    I have votifier on Skyblock, PVP, and of course, Hub. Hub is on 8192, PVP on 8193, and Skyblock on 8194, all of which are noted in the VoteSend config and the Votifier configs.
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    Well I am stumped then. Nothing in the console when it is sent from the external site?
  17. It doesn't even acknowledge the vote. I'll work on it.
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    That is bizarre.
  19. necro much?