Votifier and GAListener not working!

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  1. Hello,

    So i have Votifier and GAlistener installed and everything is setup right, i have connected it all to planetminecraft and planetminecraft has said it has found my server etc etc... But when someone votes on there, they do not get their items. I can do /fakevote and /vote and all that sort of stuff... It's just nothing comes up when they actually vote..

    Please help me.

  2. Votifier key is prob wrong or if your server is on a shared hosting then you will need to change your votifier Port
  3. I am using shared hosting and they told me to change the port... i changed it loads of times and tested it out.. But it's still not working
  4. Okay, here are the questions and answers;
    A) Are you using a hosting service or is the server hosted at home?
    B) Go into your votifier config.yml and make sure the port is correct! (If using hosting it should be 8192 or something similar)
    C) Make sure that you change that port, to something nobody is already using, so use a random port such as 6145
    D) Make sure that when connecting to websites such as Planet Minecraft, you put in the correct address and port!
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