Votifier help! [fixed]

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  1. I've set up my voting to planetmincraft , minecraftservers and minestatus. They all say my voting connection was successful but when I go to the edit, it resets to it's default port? I've changed the port in my votifier config and don't know why it's doing this.

    I also made a vote towards my server and nothing in game got received to me

  2. Hi I am also going to fix your banner if you want me to take a look at this please reply to my last message
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  3. Please don't post your reply on a different thread.
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  4. Dude you clearly don't know what your talking about I am also willing to fix this for you to but if your going to be rude and post that don't bother messaging me thanks.
  5. Lmfao, calm your shit man. I had a minor problem with Votifier and then you comment saying you are willing to help with my banner. Obviously this isn't the correct thread to comment on, whereas you should of keep it between me and you within message and thread wise.

    Stop making a fool out of your self :)
  6. I have a question, how is this spigot related? This isn't even plugin related, it's the server list(s) problem, which you didn't even specify which one is doing it. As for getting nothing when you vote, good. Votifier is in a sense a gateway for listeners and sites, not an item giver.
  7. Oh my lord, calm your tits for god sakes. Votifier is a plugin so I posted it plugin help thread and also someone helped me so I clearly changed my title to [fixed], you don't need to add on.

    Thanks but everything is all sorted :)
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