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  1. I could really use some help, I would like someone to walk me through doing Votifier on my 1.8.8 spigot server.
    I tried doing it myself but I got a crapton of errors
  2. Bump bcuz no one chekced
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    This should help you:

    Edit: Pls don't bump the topic that often.
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  4. I tried that video i9hdkill. Didn't work. Just gave me a crapton of errors.
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    It works that way. You did something wrong.
    Anyways, no erros or logs=no help
  6. Alright, Ill reproduce the error
  7. Make sure the ports you configured in the config are portforwarded in your router/firewall settings.
  8. I use a host.
  9. If they do accept port forwarding from the ip they provided, it should work. Otherwise, the key you put on the website might be wrong.
  10. I bought a dedicated IP. I set the votifier port to 6969. Usually the voting issue I have is that GAListener creates exceptions.
  11. Can you post the exception you are having?
  12. I would suggest using 1.3.1 since 1.3.2 is only made for 1.9
  13. I used 1.3.1 Works like a charm! Thanks very much.
  14. No Problem, glad to be of help :)