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  1. Hello... again... for the third time... soooooooo this time I need some help with votifier, now I am using GALIstner and of course, nothing works.... Soooo I want it to work so when people vote, they get a crate key using /crate key {Name} vote 1. But for some reason it isn't receiving votes.. Now I already have opened port 8192 and have kept the ip thing in the config to So, on pmc and whatever else voting servers I put my ip address to my ipchicken.com actual ipv4, is this wrong? Or am I doign something else wrong?

    # The IP to listen to. Use if you wish to listen to all interfaces on your server. (All IP addresses)
    # This defaults to the IP you have configured your server to listen on, or if you have not configured this.
    # Port to listen for new votes on
    port: 8192
    # Whether or not to print debug messages. In a production system, this should be set to false.
    # This is useful when initially setting up NuVotifier to ensure votes are being delivered.
    debug: true
    # Setting this option to true will disable handling of Protocol v1 packets. While the old protocol is not secure, this
    # option is currently not recommended as most voting sites only support the old protocol at present. However, if you are
    # using NuVotifier's proxy forwarding mechanism, enabling this option will increase your server's security.
    disable-v1-protocol: false
    # All tokens, labeled by the serviceName of each server list.
    # Default token for all server lists, if another isn't supplied.
    default: t0g4tv80a86k32dlujbdle68cr
    # Configuration section for all vote forwarding to NuVotifier
    # Sets whether to set up a remote method for fowarding. Supported methods:
    # - none - Does not set up a forwarding method.
    # - pluginMessaging - Sets up plugin messaging
    method: none
    channel: NuVotifier

    # GAListener v1.3.2
    # http://www.minecraft-index.com
    # settings section
    # onlineonly - Only delivers rewards when the player is online. If they are offline it will wait and deliver when they next join the server!
    # luckyvote - Enables the lucky voting section, this allows voters to have a random chance to receive additional rewards when they vote.
    # permvote - Enables the permission voting section, this allows voters to receive different rewards based upon their permissions.
    # cumulative - Enables the cumulative voting section, this allows voters to receive rewards once they have reached a certain number of votes.
    # broadcastqueue - Show broadcast message for queued votes.
    # broadcastoffline - Show broadcast message for offline queued votes.
    # broadcastrecent - Show broadcast message to recent voters (last 24 hours)
    # votecommand - Enables the /vote command which will show the message contained in the votemessage section at the bottom of the config.
    # rewardcommand - Enables the /rewards command which will show a list of all the cumulative voting rewards.
    # joinmessage - Show the message contained in the joinmessage section at the bottom of this config when a player joins the server.
    # voteremind - Message players who haven't voted in the last 24 hours. Shows the message contained in the remindmessage section at the bottom of this config.
    # remindseconds - How often (in seconds) between each reminder message.
    # ratelimit - Ignore votes received within this many seconds since the last vote for the same player on the same site. This should prevent duplicate votes.
    # logfile - Log received votes to vote.log file.
    # dbMode - Database mode. Use either mysql or sqlite.
    # dbFile - Database filename for SQLite.
    # dbHost - Database IP / Hostname for MySQL.
    # dbPort - Database port for MySQL.
    # dbUser - Database username for MySQL.
    # dbPass - Database password for MySQL.
    # dbName - Database name for MySQL.
    # dbPrefix - Database table prefix.
    onlineonly: true
    luckyvote: false
    permvote: false
    cumulative: false
    broadcastqueue: true
    broadcastrecent: true
    broadcastoffline: false
    votecommand: true
    rewardcommand: false
    joinmessage: true
    voteremind: false
    remindseconds: 300
    ratelimit: 10
    logfile: false
    dbMode: 'sqlite'
    dbFile: 'GAL.db'
    dbHost: 'localhost'
    dbPort: 3306
    dbUser: 'root'
    dbPass: ''
    dbName: 'GAL'
    dbPrefix: ''
    # services section (default is used if service doesn't exist)
    # The example below would give 5 diamonds per vote.
    broadcast: '{GREEN}{username} {GOLD}has voted @ {GREEN}{service} {GOLD}and received {GREEN}5 Diamonds!'
    playermessage: '{GREEN}Thanks for voting at {AQUA}{service}!'
    - '/crate key {username} vote 1'
    broadcast: '{GREEN}{username} {GOLD}has voted @ {GREEN}MC-Index.com {GOLD}and received {GREEN}10 Diamonds!'
    playermessage: '{GREEN}Thanks for voting at {AQUA}{service}!'
    - '/give {username} 264 5'
    # luckyvotes section
    # The example below would give a 1 in 10 chance of a voter receiving an extra $1000, and a 1 in 50 chance of an extra $1000 and 100XP.
    broadcast: '{GREEN}{username} {GOLD}was lucky and received an {GREEN}extra $1000!'
    playermessage: '{GREEN}You were lucky and received an extra $1000!'
    - '/eco give {username} 1000'
    broadcast: '{GREEN}{username} {GOLD}was super lucky and received an {GREEN}extra 100 XP and $1000!'
    playermessage: '{GREEN}You were super lucky and received an {GREEN}extra 100 XP and $1000!'
    - '/xp give {username} 100'
    - '/eco give {username} 1000'
    # permission reward section
    # This example would give players with the permission node "gal.double" 10 Diamonds instead of their regular reward.
    broadcast: '{GREEN}{username} {GOLD}has voted @ {GREEN}{service} {GOLD}and received {GREEN}10 Diamonds!'
    playermessage: '{GREEN}Thanks for voting at {AQUA}{service}!'
    - '/give {username} 264 10'
    # cumulative reward section
    # This example would give players 20 Diamonds once they have reached a total of 10 votes.
    broadcast: '{GREEN}{username} {GOLD}has voted a total of {YELLOW}10 times {GOLD}and received {GREEN}20 Diamonds!'
    playermessage: '{GREEN}Thanks for voting {AQUA}10 times!'
    rewardmessage: '20x Diamond'
    - '/give {username} 264 20'
    # blocked - a list of worlds where rewards should be disabled, they will remain queued until the player is in an allowed world.
    - world_blocked
    # Available formatting codes for messages:
    # {service} {servicename} {SERVICE} = service name
    # {username} {player} {name} = player username
    # {votes} = current vote total
    # & = Colour Symbol to enter manual colours / control codes
    - '{GOLD}---------------Check Out All Of Out Voting Links!----'
    - ' Vote every day for voting keys and a chance to win BIG! '
    - '{GOLD}--- https://topg.org/Minecraft/in-479725 ------------'
    - '{GOLD}----http://minecraftservers.org/vote/502704'
    - '{GOLD}- https://minecraft-server-list.com/server/427223/vote/'
    - '{GOLD}-https://minecraft-server.net/vote/skysplash --------'
    - '{GOLD}-https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/skysplash-network-4142002/vote/'
    - '{GOLD}-----------------------------------------------------'
    - '{GOLD}-----------------------------------------------------'
    - 'You have not voted recently, please vote to support the server'
    - '{GOLD}-----------------------------------------------------'
    - '{AQUA}You currently have {GREEN}{votes} Votes'
    - '{GOLD}-----------------------------------------------------'
    - 'Vote for us every day for in game rewards and extras'
    - '{GOLD}-----------------------------------------------------'
    - '{AQUA}You currently have {GREEN}{votes} Votes'
    # Additional formatting codes for below:
    # {TOTAL} = vote total - used for /rewards
    # {REWARD} = current rewardmessage as specified in the cumulative reward section - used for /rewards
    # {POSITION} = current rank - used for /votetop
    # {username} = player name - used for /votetop
    rewardformat: '{GREEN}{TOTAL} Votes {GRAY}- {AQUA}{REWARD}'
    votetopformat: '{POSITION}. {GREEN}{username} - {WHITE}{TOTAL}'
    - '{GOLD}---------------- {WHITE}[ {DARK_AQUA}Rewards{WHITE} ] {GOLD}----------------'
    - '{GOLD}---------------- {WHITE}[ {DARK_AQUA}Top Voters{WHITE} ] {GOLD}----------------'
    - '{AQUA}You currently have {GREEN}{votes} Votes'
  2. Strahan


    Are you home hosting or paying a provider to host it?
  3. Home hosting.
  4. Strahan


    You have 8192 opened on your router and port forwarded to the box hosting Minecraft and have an 8192 exception on the box's firewall?
  5. I do