Solved Votifier not working

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by darklazerog, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Hello guys, so let me get straight to this. I am currently on a host called, at this host whenever I install votifier it doesn't give me the ip but it gives me a one. I saw one tutorial where I have to get the ip of my server, then a custom port (not the 8192 from the votifier). so I do what it tells me but still nothing happens, I tried all ways and what I mean by that is that I used all the ports, almost all the ip's (by name by number etc) and also tried to reinstall the plugin. Nothing seems to work. I am currently using 1.8.8 bukkit. If you need anything (config from a plugin etc) please let me know by replying!
  2. Change the port of votifier (in the config) to something like 8123 and use that port when trying to connect with votifier. The reason you can't use that port is because most likely you don't have a dedicated IP. If you do, contact the host and ask them what ports are open for use.
  3. I'll try, I appriciate your help TheWildBananas
  4. Nothing seems to work, I've tried every solution but it seems not to be working. I've sent a message to the host and now I'm waiting for a reply!
  5. I think the value in your quary needs to be true. That's what worked for me
  6. It's actually set on true... enable-query=true
  7. Did you do a Port forwarding in your router settings? If you're using a paid hosting service, you need to contact them.