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  1. I've moved to Intreppid a few months ago and everything works nicely, except the occasional player stating that this site or another he voted on, no mention showed up ingame nor a reward.

    Simply put, there does not seem to be a pattern. If person 1 votes for three days on ten sites, he might get three one day, eight another, and seven the next. It's never the same sites each time. Multiply that by a few more players and there is obviously no patterns. On a single day, every site has pinged the server for someone voting, but not for every single person.

    I've been talking to Intreppid, they don't have anything blocked on the port I chose, and the one I chose afterwords thinking it might be an issue.
    I know there is something wrong between the sites and my server. If I go to PMC, for an example, and make a change and save, it will, occasionally, say that it failed to ping my votifier. If I repeatedly try to save/submit, it will eventually work.

    Intreppid has asked me for the Polling IPs of the servers, but I have no clue of what they might be, other than doing a whois search of the site's URL.

    I am at a loss. I'm not having this as a high priority, it does deter some players from trying to farm the small rewards at least.
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  3. They need to make sure they are also typing their exact IGN when voting case-sensitive and all
  4. Even if they don't type their name, or even correctly, a message appears ingame stating someone voted on XYZ site.

    I have, and over a few days time, some go through, so do not.

    Yesterday I sat down with a staff member of my server and rewrote our PMC description. I think I hit the submit button a dozen or so times before it would detect my votifier. -_-