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  1. I have votifier and WerrisExecuteCommandListener broadcast a message when someone votes for the server with the voter's name. Recently people started abusing that and put in inappropriate names just to troll the server. They have multiple ips so they can vote as many time as they want. I am looking for a way to filter out inappropriate names or a way to block an ip range from getting a reward from voting. Any suggestions?
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    This has only ever happen to me once, I banned the person as I matched it up.
    Not sure how to prevent it though.
  3. I had to disable votifier because they started advertising porn sites -_-
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    Modify the plugin (if you know how) to only broadcast the message if a player with that name has ever logged into the server.
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  5. Alright thanks for the help.
  6. if im right most voting sites tend to verify minecraft accounts before they send the vote request to the listener, id suggest testing each site you have to make sure its verifying minecraft names.

    We had this issue with a user repeatedly voting over and over putting Thrills-sucks thri-**** etc etc after I banned him.
    After investigating a site we had wasnt checking for valid minecraft names, and as such - people could repeatedly spam-click the vote button

    simply removed and it and our chat has been.... quiet... *loud wither sounds*... almost quiet...
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  7. We use OnTime with Votifier, it emits to the server log but not to players when a player who's not played on the server has a vote.