Votifier & VotePlugin problem

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  1. So i set up my server and the voting plugins and it said it's just working fine but whenever someone votes nothing pops up saying they voted and they also don't get any items eventhough i did set it up. Anyone know why it's not working?
  2. Ever thought about testing it yourself with a Votifier tester?
  3. I did it said it was fine and working correctly but it's not showing up or doing anything in game at all
  4. What plugins are you using? How did you set it up?
  5. What Vote Listener are you using? you gotta make sure youre setting that up or no rewards for your players, also if you have a bungeecord network make sure to install NuVotifier on the Bungeecord server as well as the spigot servers and set up vote forwarding
  6. Different kinds of plugins really, i can show you a whole list of em if you need to know every plugin but atleast the important plugins i use are
    - VotePlugin
    - Votifier
    - Vault
    - EssentialsX
    - WorldGuard
    - WorldEdit
    - Multiverse-Core
    I only have votifier, voteplugin and vault setup for that since people said i only needed that for the voting
  7. Can i see your Config for VotingPlugin
  8. ok so the problem is you havent setup VotingPlugin correctly to give rewards?
    Or are the commands not going through, make sure Votifier is working: enable debug mode and send a vote through the links, if it shows something in console saying vote recieved from "website url" then you setup votifier correctly if not, then its a votifier problem.
    Otherwise, VotingPlugin is not listening to the right websites, in which case, theres something wrong with the VoteSites.yml file
    Make sure you follow the comments posted on there, sorry im really bad at explaining how things work. but the VoteSites.yml file must be configured correctly otherwise nothing works
  9. Okay i will try,it's fine really ^-^
  10. Feel free to pm me if you need further help
  11. Your VoteSites.yml looks fine to me. If you don't see anything in console when you vote then there is an issue with votifier.
  12. Yeah pretty sure it was Votifier doing the screwups
  13. Okay ^-^ The only thing that the console says is this https://prnt.sc/kfmfts
    "[VotingPlugin] Detected an issue with voting sites, check the plugin startup log for more details"
    If it is then what can i do about it? there's only 1 config for it

    i also made a test vote but it's not even appearing in the console either
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  14. Try changing port on votifier
  15. Okay i will try
    Doesn't really seem to work :\ is there a limit to how high the port must be? like for example till 8000 or something?
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  16. Depends on what your host is using typically they allow any number above 1024 but make sure to find out, like most hosts like MCpro and Shockbyte provide Wikis on their plugin limits and such

    Also make sure to update the same port you put in votifier on your Voting Websites
    and change the ip in the Votifier config to
  17. Okay, i put the ip there on and made the same port but it's still not working so i guess i just need to find a random port then