VotingPlugin and Votifier

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  1. I have setup voting on my server, which is a kitpvp server running on 1.8. When I vote, I get the notifications in-game saying I voted, but no rewards. This are my votingplugin vitesites.yml:

    The rewards:

    The notification in-game: [​IMG]
    Anyone know what could be wrong? Im running 1.8, with nuvotifier and VotingPlugin. I followed the breakdowns tutorial.
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  2. Update: When I save the file votingsites.yml after I edited it. It resets the .yml file to this every time [​IMG]
  3. Are you sure when you are editing there are no tabs and spaces? .yml files dont like that and will reset or break when it happens. i suggest you edit the config file in notepad++
  4. Yea, I've tried many other plugins than votingplugin, and none of them give rewards for the vote, even tho it is connected to the server and everything
  5. Not what i asked, ive tried VotingPlugin + NuNotifier and it worked perfectly fine. maybe its because of the command setup in your config or maybe even the placeholders?
  6. Got it to work now with a plugin called VoteRoulette after trying around 20+ rewards plugin. Thanks for ur time and help tho, appreciate it :)
  7. That is weird tho because on my end it just works