Bukkit VotingPlugin 5.19

Most highly featured votifier listener! 1.13+

  1. Did you get that on 1.12?
  2. No, it does not happen on 1.12
  3. Might be a 1.13 thing that I'll need to check.
  4. where do you enable vote party? i can't find it
  5. Code (Text):
      # Wether or not vote party is enabled
      Enabled: true
      # Number of votes required to give rewards
      VotesRequired: 2
      # Increase the amount of votes required on each vote party reached
      #IncreaseVotesRquired: 10
      # If true, players who did not vote to reach the votes required will
      # recieve the reward
      GiveAllPlayers: true
      # If true, the vote count will reset each day
      ResetEachDay: false
      # Reset at the end of the month
      ResetMonthly: false
      # Count votes from /av vote?
      CountFakeVotes: true
      # Number of user votes that apply to vote party total the user needs to get rewards
      UserVotesRequired: 0
      # Broadcast when vote party reached
      Broadcast: '&cReached the vote party 22!'
      # List of commands to execute, these only execute once.
          - 'say %player% was lucky'
      # Reward files to give
            Player: '&aYou came in first place in %TopVoter%!'
    i wonder why the commands do not work at all
  6. I'm guessing you found it...

    Those commands are a 1 time console command (no player variable). Put it under rewards.
  7. It's hooking into vault for me. Anything that can be effecting it?
  8. so what should i put under commands?
    - '<commands>' ?
  9. Nothing if you don't plan on executing 1 console command for every vote party.
  10. I'm running Paper build #55 for 1.13 and ONLY the VotingPlugin and Vault plugins. I've changed the main server configs, but both Vault and VotingPlugin are default.
  11. Any economy plugin? That might be it.
  12. No, I'll install one.
  13. I don't know then. I'm not gonna worry over it though, since you can get away without vault hooking in.
  14. So what do I have to do if I want to run a console command of other plugins?
  15. Code (Text):
      - say %player%
  16. Ok got,it thanks
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  17. Schaumnificent


    Anyone here tried the voteroulette converter for 1.12? Trying it now, got over 20k voters. Wondering how long it usually takes.
  18. I have arround 15 web site to vote on my server, and I want give a VIP to some user that vote more in one month. Can i see a global top month to see who is the winner?
  19. You should be able to get a rough idea with debug and extra debug on.

    Top monthly voters are stored in a file at the end of each month, or /votetop
  20. I am not able to configure this and I did everything as before but after these updates I can not configure I do not receive the rewards I just wanted to get the command: crate key% player% Votekey 1 and for the player to receive 500 $ so that in the Minecraft-MP site only I can not afford help
    help me pls pls pls
    you can configure for me I really like this plugin but I can not configure it

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