Bukkit VotingPlugin 5.19.1

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  1. You have no commands listed.

    {VotingPlugin_Total_All} work?
    I recoded all the placeholders, guess I forgot that one.
  2. I used one that was listed at placeholderapi's pages. It did no longer work however, but I updated it to "alltimetotal" and it's fixed now.
  3. You can use /av placeholders to see what ones they are. That list will automatically update to any changes.
  4. I'm getting some randomly named rewards files appearing in my /Rewards/ directory. Any idea how these are being created?

    There's nothing in them, but it looks like players themselves may be creating them. For example, I have one called big_dick.yml and one called whatdoesthisdo.yml.
  5. That's where I found the working one.
  6. Hmm after the update I receive these messages, I didn't touch the files for months.

    Code (Text):
    04.10 08:03:08 [Server] WARN Detected a reward file edited when it should be edited where directly defined, overriding
  7. Don't know where they can do that without the permissions.

    Maybe a file didn't save one time or something, just ignore it
  8. Hello, I seem to be having trouble getting the /give command to work in my reward files; the message appears and says "you have recieved 4 redstone ore", but I don't receive anything.

    Code (Text):
      # Commands here will be run by console
      - 'give %player% redstone_ore 4'
      Player: '&aYou received redstone ore!'
    Thanks for any help!
  9. Anything in console?
  10. Nope, even with all the debug settings enabled
  11. Can I see?
  12. Yeah I do. that was the problem. Thankyou :D
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  13. Capture.PNG Capture1.PNG

    You can see that I didn't get either reward in my inventory in the first picture, but the message appeared in-game and in console

    Also, an image with debug enabled:

    But again, no items are received in game (additional note - I've noticed that money rewards and commands to give craftbook items work, just not the /give command)
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  14. Type /av report and send the zip file in the reports folder (it's faster than pastebining everything.
  15. Here ya go:

    Attached Files:

  16. I think it's just the command.
    Try minecraft:give? or essentials:give?
  17. minecraft:give is the solution!
    I had the same problem, and minecraft:give solved this.
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  18. Same, thank you so much!
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  19. Major Question.
    How do I whitelist worlds?
    I do not want them getting rewards in certain worlds.
  20. Just a list of worlds under Worlds