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  1. What do you need to figure out? It's the same as another other reward.
  2. I see the priority option in the advanced config, do I put that in the config.yml and point it to all my rank files?

    Code (YAML):
     - dragon
      - wizard
      - alchemist
      - mystic
      - paladin
      - monarch
      - knight
      - guest
    I have all those (dragon.yml - guest.yml) in my /Rewards directory. Just curious how to tell the config.yml to pull from those based on permissions.
  3. Added 2 new vote sites today and everyone's vtotals were cleared.
  4. That's the idea.

    And? I can't help without any details.
  5. Spigot 1.14.3 dev, version 5.19.1 of VotingPlugin, added 2 vote sites, disabled 2 that were already in VoteSites.yml, reloaded plugin, no errors shown in console or in log.txt

    The new sites work, the old ones are successfully disabled. Just everyone's vote numbers are set to zero, whether they were online or offline at the time the plugin was reloaded.

    No changes to config.yml made
  6. You didn't do anything else? Is it all time total (that should never reset) or monthly?
  7. No, nothing else was done. This is what it looks like when I do vtotal for anyone, regardless of whether they were on or off during the change: https://i.imgur.com/naa5EPR.png

    I'm going to later tonight import the Users.db backup from last night so that players will have only lost their votes from today, just wondering why this happened tho
  8. Did the file reset?
  9. No, my VoteSites.yml and config.yml are both fine.
  10. Well, the plugin should have backups (if you didn't disable it). Unless you can recreate it I think we'll never figure it out.
  11. I attached an image of my votingsites.yml, could you please help me find the error? I can't find any.

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  12. Code (Text):
      - command
    Just do it like that
  13. Ben12345rocks I tried to configure it but it didn't work. Could you give me an example on how to configure it. The vote all sites reward. Thanks
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  14. Compatible with Citizens ??
    Thank you for your reply
  15. Does the fly command, you give as an example in your wiki, when you delay it by 1 hour. Let's say a player was to vote twice. Would he have fly essentially for 2 hours?
  16. Code (Text):
      # Reward here
    Pretty straight forward


    If they spread the votes apart, then yes. But you can get it to work so it only does 1 hour.
  17. Trying to set this up in the Votesites.yml
    Code (Text):
    - bbroadcast &9[&3Vote&9] %player% earned &375 claimblocks &9for their /vote. &8%AllTimeTotal%"
    I'm wanting it to display the players total votes all time (not just weekly or monthly) but I'm unsure which placeholder I need to use. Thanks!
  18. Disable skulls in top voter

    Use placeholderapi
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  19. Trying to use the AdvancedPriority system in a reward file but it doesn't seem to be working. What am I doing incorrect?