Spigot VotingPlugin 6.9.2

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  1. Could use top voter reward? If not use cumulative?
  2. I could make cumulative work if there is a way to reset it but I don't see the option. As I said though, I might be missing something? Also, isn't top voter only for top voters? I want people to get a prize each month when they vote for say, 30 times, then 50 time, then 75 times, then 100, then 120, etc. Not just for those who have the most votes per month. I'd like every voter to get rewards each month at certain points. As I said I can certainly do milestones for this as it has a reset option, but that leaves cumulative as the 'lifetime' voting mechanism and I don't want to multi-reward folks when it's numbers overlap (and testing has shown it does give multiple awards if they land on the same number, like 5 and 25 and 50 would.) If there's no way to do this currently, it's okay, this is still a great plugin and I appreciate all the help you give us Ben.
  3. Yeah, the way cumulative works it can't really have a reset option, since there isn't anything to reset.

    I mean, you could do a javascript requirement to check if the total (month or all) is less then a certain amount combined with the cumulative, might do what you want. About the only real way to do that right now.
  4. [VotingPlugin] Detected an issue with voting sites, check the server startup log for more details

    But there's nothing further on the server logs. What other logs could it be refering to?
  5. There will be a message in startup, probably saying a votesite hasn't received a vote from the specific service site.
  6. Hello ! Anyone know why the vote site delay is in hours ?
    I have a website which is 1h30 for delay but i cannot change it successfully on my server :/ (1.12.2)
  7. Well, newer versions have an option for VoteDelayMin: 30
  8. Arf, i can't update cause i'm using Mod + Bukkit in 1.12.2 but your latest version of the plugin doesnt work on 1.12.2 right ?
  9. Well not officially, but this build should run on 1.12, http://ben12345rocks.com/job/VotingPlugin/
  10. Thanks a lot i'll test that asap !
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  11. Seems work, just to know does this version is compatible with latest wiki? Like for the api, configuration reward etc ? (even for 1.12?)
    Thanks a lot, loves your plugins
  12. I am struggling with the bungeecord setup. When sending a test vote i recieve this: https://hastebin.com/inutekunev.css
    So it can't make a connection to the backend servers, and there must be an issue with my configs?
  13. Same as running on a newer build, wiki's all apply

    Looks like the sockets can't connect to each other.

    /votingpluginbungee status
    Should show if the connection is good

    Either a firewall or configuration error as my first guess.
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  14. You were right, it was the configuration. Now it is fixed. Thank you.
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  15. Hey, is there a way to manually edit the votecount of a player?
    Somehow some players lost their votecounts again after a reload.
    /av resyncmilestones <name> won't work anymore.
    Doesn't spit out any errors, but never updates the votecount.
  16. /av user (player) ... tab complete the reset of the command
  17. Any way I can re-send rewards for every vote? or get the number of times every player has voted?
    I'm doing a server wipe but I would like for players to keep all the vote rewards
  18. /av vote, /vote total (player)
  19. Hello, the real votes aren't being registered to the plugin (Votifier works just fine they are being registered in the votesite). Fake votes work just fine. Any ideas?
  20. Thanks for developing this very useful plugin for my server!
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