Spigot VotingPlugin 6.9.2

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  1. Sorry I have doubts about your plugin and I don't know if you can help me, what happens is that I have a server in version 1.8 and the plugin works fine, but there are some things that I cannot configure, such as the option to add more pages of vote, which he lets me do, but he won't let me give the reward I want, which belongs to the "cratesplus" plugin, another thing I can't fix is to put the vote party on the scoreboard and I'd like to fix it, could you help me?
  2. From the plugin page:

    Use v5.13.6 for 1.11 and older versions, support WILL NOT be provided for these versions, so please don't ask for support for these versions.
  3. Please :( I have no one to ask for help
  4. I only need two things:

    -How to place vote party on scoreboard

    -How to add reward for the different voting sites.
  5. Update your server, then I can help. Otherwise your on your own.

    1. Placeholders, probably won't work since your out of date
    2. https://github.com/BenCodez/AdvancedCore/wiki/Rewards
  6. How can I make a reward in the voteplugin when voting the crateplus key?

    The command I am clear is ./crate key% player% (keyname) (amount)

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  7. Can anyone give me a full explanation as to how to make permission/rank based rewards?
  8. Code (Text):
      - 'command here %player%'
    That's too vague of a question. But milestones might be the best way.

    How about now?
  9. That did it thank you!
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  10. what is the party vote placeholder?
  11. /av placeholders

    Will list them all
  12. MVdW Placeholder API voteparty variable appears?