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  1. Hi, I've just noticed the following warning in my console, not sure if you are aware of it or not? Just bringing it to your attention in case.

    Code (Text):
    07.10 12:00:53 [Server] WARN VotingPlugin is attempting to register placeholders via a PlaceholderHook class which is no longer supported!
  2. Thank you for the reply...but I only need 1-vote-to-1-server when counting towards the VoteParty, aside from this it would be 1-vote-to-all-servers for regular rewards and milestone counting.

    In the scenario I mentioned, only if it differentiates between an online and offline vote. Which after some later searching, the premium resources VoteParty can do (party.offline_votes boolean). But, the other half of the plugin offers redundant basic voting features...so running both plugins is not efficient, nor optimal.

    In the config.yml you have:
    Code (YAML):
    # Still processes rewards for offline rewards (just won't give any)
    : true
    Will you please consider adding a similar boolean to SpecialRewards.yml under the VoteParty heading? Such as:
    Code (YAML):
    # Should offline votes count towards the VoteParty?
    : false
  3. After I updated to 5.24, the players can't click my vote links (I set it as mc.ly/vote1 2 3 4)
  4. Update the expansion



    Using pluginmessaging bungee method would have worked also.

    You need https://www. in the url, or disable forcelinks
  5. Where can I find the ForceLinks configuration option?
  6. Config.yml, might have to add it
  7. Hi there! Is votingplugin able to do bungee commands? I would like to give a player a luckpermsbungee group when he votes for the first time.
  8. Not it's not. Can use another plugin to execute the commands though
  9. After updating, the book GUI is not opening up. Do I need to rest the config?
  10. You need to enable it.
  11. Maybe (if the proxy and servers utilize the same MySQL or MariaDB database). Read this and this, then please let us know if it works. :)
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  12. [/QUOTE]

    Sorry, I didn't see that in the config.yml. I will have to look harder.
  13. Sorry, I didn't see that in the config.yml. I will have to look harder.[/QUOTE]
    You'll need to add the option
  14. I tried adding this, but the player does not get the luckperms-group. What should I do to fix that? What plugin would I need to get that command executed?

    Player: '&aYou voted for your first time!'
    - 'lpb user %player% parent set member'
  15. Code (Text):
        Player: '&aYou voted for your first time!'
      - 'lpb user %player% parent set member'
    Try that? Also it only executes on a first vote. /av user (player) forcefirstvote
  16. Is there a way to hide attributes for items used in the Vote Shop GUI? I use Splash_Potion as an item and there is “No Effects” under it.
  17. Code (Text):
    Add that within the item section. Should work.
  18. Regarding my previous request.... (thank you btw!!)
    How? In addition to not wanting 10 days worth of offline votes to count towards VoteParties, I also need to restrict AllSites rewards too...while still allowing players to receive normal rewards.

    Also...should I be able to use Choice Awards as an award inside Advanced Priority? If so, then I'll try to figure out what I'm doing wrong. If not...it's ok, not a big deal. I can use the reward command to trigger a DeluxeMenu.

    btw...for those wanting to give temporary fly, I really like this plugin because it offers more options that are beyond the scope of a voting plugin. :)
  19. I tried that, but it only gives me the luckperms group, not the luckpermsbungee group :) Im guessing the command needs to be executed in the proxy console, not the server console. How may I able to do that? if I am even able to. I have not connected votingplugin to the same database as proxy, but I dont know if that is the solution? :)
  20. I need to convert the users.db file to my mysql database. how may i do this?