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  1. You can use this, will ignore offline votes past a certain amount of time
    Code (Text):
    # Amount of time to still allow the reward to be executed
    # if reward is saved offline
    # Time in minutes
    RewardExpiration: 1440
    You can use the choice rewards (Might need to be in a reward file which you list, can't remember if it was required)

    Never use luckperms, so I got no idea.

    Set your storage to MYSQL and do /av convertfromdata SQLITE
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  2. Thank you so much!
    Unfortunately, a new error has appeared.
    Vote Rewards are sent twice to the Spigot Servers.
    The Method is 'PluginMessaging'

    Also, the file 'bungeeconfig.yml' had appeared in my Survival server, but not in my Towny Server. Should this be happening?
  3. Are you forwarding votes with votifier? bungeeconfig.yml is only on the bungee server.
  4. oh sorry! i meant bungeesettings.yml
    secondly, votifier is installed on all servers. im guessing i only need to set it up for the proxy, and delete it on all other spigot servers?
  5. Your one server isn't up to date then on votingplugin. And only votifier on proxy
  6. Your best option is to read the previous 2 links I posted and also this one. The answer on how to do it is in there, but if things are unclear, then you need to piece together information from each one. If you still can't get it to work from the server or proxy console, then go to the LuckPerms discussion area. You can run /blp from game servers, it doesn't have to be run on the proxy.

    Once you get things working from console or in-game, then bring the commands into VotingPlugin or other plugins that execute commands. If it will not work in-game or in console (proxy or servers), then it will never work inside another plugin. :) Yes, I did learn this the hard way when I was setting up custom menus months ago and I was dorking up the commands. :oops: lol
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  7. Ok thanks, will give it a try! :)
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  9. There's a chance no reward will be executed at all, maybe that is what happened?
  10. Sikatsu


    That sounds like a problem. How do I solve that? I want it to always trigger a reward, 1 of the 4 available ones.
  11. Hey man I have been trying for the past couple days to try set up the commands to give the player a vote key when they vote but we have the link working but can't seem to get the commands running we have tried various different commands and nothing seems to be working at the moment, any suggestions on what to do? we have been trying to figure out what's been going wrong but we can seem to figure it out.

    # VoteSite key
    # Used for saving data for votesites
    # Use a short name if you can
    # Enable voteSite
    # If false, votesite will not be loaded by plugin
    # Default: false
    Enabled: true

    # Display name of voting site
    Name: 'MinecraftServers'

    # Priority of this site
    # Used for sorted list
    # High prority, higher on the list
    Priority: 5

    # The serviceName from the vote, has to be correct to work correctly
    # Gotten from voting on the site (will be in console/log)
    # Usually is the main part of the url(e.g. PlanetMinecraft.com), but not always
    # See console when you vote (it will notify you if the plugin didn't find a votingsite matching the service site
    ServiceSite: 'MinecraftServers.org'

    # vote url for /vote
    # Format for this can be set in Format.yml
    # Do not include colors here
    # If you need to force a url set the url as this:
    # VoteURL: '[Text="ANY TEXT TO CLICK ON HERE",url="URLHERE"]'
    VoteURL: 'https://minecraftservers.org/vote/595990'

    # Time between votes in hours (used for /vote next)
    # Most sites are 24 hours
    VoteDelay: 24

    # Use to have a minute votedelay
    #VoteDelayMin: 30

    # Require waiting until votedelay time has pasted in order to accept vote
    # Recommend: false
    WaitUntilVoteDelay: false

    # Reset vote delay each day (for certain sites that do this)
    # Recommend: false
    VoteDelayDaily: false

    # If true, rewards can be executed offline (requires ForceOffline to be true in the reward)
    # Setting this to true will execute the reward offline while the player is offline
    # This basiclly disables offline voting if set to true, don't misinterpret this option
    ForceOffline: false

    # VoteSite Material for some GUI's
    # Removing this may result in an error, required on each site
    Material: 'DIAMOND'
    Amount: 1

    # Rewards to give
    # https://github.com/Ben12345rocks/AdvancedCore/wiki/Rewards
    - '/crates givekey VoteCrate %player% 1'
    - 'crates givekey VoteCrate %player% 1'
    - 'scrates givekey VoteCrate %player% 1'
    # Send player a message
    Player: '&aThanks for Voting!'
    Broadcast: '&a %player% has Voted.'
    # Site 2 example
    Enabled: true
    Name: 'MinecraftServers.Biz'
    ServiceSite: 'MinecraftServers.Biz'
    VoteURL: 'https://minecraftservers.biz/servers/148359/'
    VoteDelay: 24
    Material: 'DIAMOND'
    Amount: 1
    # Execute console commands

    - 'crates givekey VoteCrate %player% 1'
    # Send player a message
    Player: '&aThanks for Voting!'
    Broadcast: '&a %player% has Voted.'
    Player: 'You voted'
    Broadcast: '%player% has Voted Today!'
    # Advanced example
    # 50% chance for reward1, if reward1 not given then 20% chance to get reward2, if reward2 not given then fallback
    # Similar to priority, but no need to have to use reward files
    # Add requirements under each reward
    # Will go in order from list here and try to run each of the following rewards...
    # This name can be anything, but they need to be different
    Chance: 50
    # Any other requirement here
    # If any requirement fails, the next reward will be attempted
    # Use permission requirement for rank based rewards
    #RequirePermission: true
    #Permission: 'permhere'
    Player: 'You got first reward'
    Chance: 20
    Player: 'You got second reward'
    # Fallback, 100% chance, after other rewards fail chances
    Player: 'You got unlucky'

    Player: 'You voted'

    # Reward for any site
    # Similar to AnySiteReward
    # This requires the site to be configured in order to get the reward.
    EverySiteReward: []
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  13. Pastebin what you have.

    Code (Text):
    # Special chance
    # percentage is caculated with all numbers added up
    # E.g. below:
    # Total is 100, so 5 is 5 out of 100, and so on
    # The number represents a weight value essentially
    # Decimals are allowed as well, no duplicates
        # rewards here
        - say 5
        - say 15
        - say 30
        - say 50

  14. not sure if it was just to send this part or you wanted more but this is the reward's part i just sent https://pastebin.com/BXDaxRbR
  15. Sikatsu


    So the current setup is: https://pastebin.com/km4JrWX6

    I voted 3 times, the third time I didn't get a reward even tho VotingPlugin did receive the vote on the proxy..
  16. Is it a specific votesite? Try with /av vote?
  17. Sikatsu


    I did indeed:

  18. Sikatsu


    Tried another time, twice no reward and the third time a reward was triggered:

  19. Set DebugLevel to EXTRA and send the log on test votes?