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  1. Kicjow submitted a new resource:

    ►►Vouchers◄◄ || Give your Players Vouchers in Crates, Prizes, and For just being Good. - Vouchers allows you to give a player a piece of paper with a special command on it for Money, RankUp

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  2. Could you add an option that you can set permissions for who can use a specific voucher? Then I think I'm interested in buying the plugin.
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  3. Can you explain a bit more. I think you mean like Per Voucher Perms
  4. Exactly, I want to give them fly for a amount of time with the voucher but I also have a donor rank that already has fly. Now to make it more easy for myself I want to not allow them using that fly vouchers. But for that I'll need to have to setup permissions to use the vouchers..

    EDIT; And is it possible to add multiple commands?
  5. Hmmm Ya i can add Per Voucher Perms and atm you can only do one command per voucher. I mite add a Multiple Commands Feature if you think that would be useful
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  6. Kicjow updated ►►Vouchers◄◄ || Give your Players Vouchers in Crates, Prizes, and For just being Good. with a new update entry:

    New Vouchers and More Commands

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  7. Bought it as promised :)
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  9. Didn't test it yet but I am pretty sure you have to redeem the vouchers by right clicking if that is what you mean?
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  10. yep redeem by right click not like command
  11. That's also possible with that coupon code thing. But I prefer the voucher things.
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  12. There r 2 different types. The voucher code which is just a command /voucher redeem <code> and there is voucher items which is a paper they get or what ever item u choose and they right click it and it does the commands u want it to do
  13. I have bought this plugin! Ill tell you I have any problems/bugs/glitches
  14. Ok thx man <3
  15. dude..
    This plugin is not good its EPIC
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  16. Lol thx<3

    I see I forgot to add a msg for the Voucher Codes. Ill add that now.
  17. Yep :) I knew you understode XD
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