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  1. I will assume you have received an answer by now, but just in case you have not......if you are trying to add the glow effect, it does not work on 1.7.x servers because the ability to hide_enchants did not exist until 1.9+ (so I've been told).
    Look on his profile page. ;)
  2. Sorry @Kicjow. Can you add a delay command to this plugin?
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  3. @Kicjow would also be awesome if we could do multiple arguments
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  4. +1 I need this
  5. What exactly are you trying to do? (have an example of the multiple arguments you wish to use?)
  6. I would like to know also.
  7. As an example, I have a voucher that gives a faction a spawner boost for a given amount of time.

    Right now I am using the faction name as the argument, but if I want to have vouchers with different times/boosts, I am having to set up multiple vouchers.

    What I would use the multiple arguments for is this:

    /voucher give SpawnerBoost 1 player factionname boostamount duration
  8. Ah, well I don't think ill be adding multiple args since making another voucher isn't to hard. I understand though why you are requesting it. I may in the future add it but I am not sure if or when.
  9. the plugin isnt loading in at all on restart. And that it does NOT make a folder. and that none of the commands work.
  10. Its probably because your server isn't java 8. If you start the server look for an error in console. Pastebin it and send the url.
  11. Mind you, we are on a host that uses multicraft 2, and we have over 60 plugins that don't do this.
  12. Strange, redownload the vouchers plugin from spigot and see if it works. The plugin.yml should be fine as its working for everyone else. Unless one of you guys edited it, it should be fine.
  13. It works now, thanks.
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  14. @Kicjow im on 1.12 and the bug where players are getting damaged with the fireworks is back
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  15. 1.12 works, but having same Firework damage error as well as this error (doesn't affect functionality) when using a voucher:
  16. Thanks, that has been fixed and will be in the next update.
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  17. Need to be able to run commands as console and as a player (e.g. /fix all can only be ran by player).
  18. You can just use the sudo command.
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  19. Kicjow updated Vouchers || A new way of giving players rewards with a new update entry:

    v1.6.4 Update

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