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  2. Kicjow updated Vouchers with a new update entry:

    v1.6.4.4 Update

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  3. Plugin is a bit weird. It told me to update to the latest version yet I already did lol.
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  4. When the player starts QuickShop, the voucher store will automatically use the voucher, can he not use it?
  5. Kicjow updated Vouchers with a new update entry:

    v1.6.4.5 Update

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  6. Use the project created by the project to open QuickShop, which will automatically consume. Can't open a shop!
  7. Would you consider adding head support and in-game creation? this plugin is great, I already bought it but I'd love to do more with it
  8. @Kicjow I have the latest version Vouchers on my spigot server. Periodically in the console I get this message
    Code (Text):

    [23:26:16 INFO]: Vouchers: now available.
    plugin.yml says version: Please fix this unnecessary message. Thank You
  9. Sorry, MCUpdate keeps rolling back due to some back-end changes so I have had to redo the version like 3x now.

    Thanks for the report.
  10. The Blacklist perms don't seem to be working. I am using LuckPerms and players can use each voucher over and over again.

    Item: '403'
    Name: '&8&l>&7&l>&c %Arg% Voucher &7&l<&8&l<'
    - '&7&l(&6&l!&7&l) &7Right click to redeem.'
    - '&7This voucher ranks you up to &c%Arg%&7.'
    Glowing: false
    - 'lp user %player% parent add %Arg%'
    - 'lp user %player% permission set voucher.blacklist.%Arg%'
    Message: '&7Congratulation, you have just ranked up to &b%Arg%&7.'
    Toggle: false
    Node: '%Arg%'
    Toggle: true
    - 'voucher.blacklist.%Arg%'

    PS: I am 100% certain my luckperms commands are correct because the setting of the commands work and give players permission to whatever the perm is, however it seems to not recognise the blacklist perm.
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  12. That was my first instinct :) Unfortunately, the invite has expired, at least the one in his signature.
  14. BadBones69 updated Vouchers with a new update entry:

    v1.6.5 Update

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  15. How do I make the GUI have multiple lines, or is their a limit of 9 vouchers?
  16. Can you add an option to the Limiter section to "Keep" it on use.. (until its limit is reached is enabled)
    so you can make multi use items like a book of vouchers kind of thing..

    Sounds are not working. seem to be covered up or overridden by the firework sound (Can that be disabled).

    Also noticed that the firework effect hurts Citizens2 (Sentinels anyway) does not make them aggro thou so not a issue..