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  1. Good idea! Good luck!
  2. i keep getting an error code for it
  3. Can you add a feature so you can right click on the voucher than right click on an item and it runs the command on the item?
  4. Hello author, let me report a bug, in 1.10, i put the voucher in left hand and I can use it continuously without losing it, please fix it
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    v1.7 Update

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  6. Hey! Love the plugin, is there any chance you can make the Two-Step-Authentication configurable for a double click or a seperate gui where you have to either click like an emerald to accept or a redstone to decline? Finding that some of my players are accepting the vouchers without realising. Thankyou!
  7. Hey! Is there a way to make a voucher that isn't taken?
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    v1.7.1 Update

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  9. Hi, I dont know what I have done wrong what is the reason for this being broken.

    Item: '339'
    Name: '&2&l[Rank]&7&lIron'
    - '&4&l(&2&l!&4&l) &2Right click to redeem.'
    Glowing: false
    - 'pex user %Player% group set Iron'
    Message: '&2&lCongratulations'
    Toggle: false
    Node: 'RankIron'
    Toggle: false
    Message: '&4You already have this rank and can't use this voucher'
    - 'voucher.blacklist.RankIron'
    Toggle: false
    Limit: 10
    Toggle: false
    Toggle: false
    - 'CLICK'
    Toggle: true
    Colors: 'Red'
  10. can you add me on discord at BoltGoesPro#4616

    My problem is that the blacklist wont work for me, i set myself to the rank and deoped myself and i added the permission to use it

    the rank is named pro

    and the blacklist is - ''
    so im confused
  11. If your still having issues send me a PM and explain whats wrong and the full config file and send me the link.

    Can you PM me a of the config.yml and tell me which one it is. Make sure to pastebin the full config.
  12. I check this every day in hopes to see a 1.13 update. :3
  13. Same for me. :D
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  14. Does it work in 1.7.10?
  15. Any ETA for 1.13?
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  16. @BadBones69
    Any closer to 1.13.1 release yet? Thank you
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  18. Having the same issues. As soon as you log in it tells you.
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  19. I also have two plugins, One called TreeAssist and the other called UltimateKits with the same exact issue.