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  1. So, im thinking to buy a VPS for our moderator MikeA, at ExtraVM. Only, i have zero experience with a VPS. Is someone willing to help me setup everything after i bought a VPS from him? :)

    Thanks! :)
  2. Shouldn't this be "from our moderator MikeA"? (Also, MikeA is retired) The way you wrote means that you are going to buy a VPS for MikeA... which doesn't make too much sense because MikeA is ExtraVM's owner.
  3. Thanks for your useless reply.
  4. Sorry, I was just correcting him before someone gets confused (like me).
  5. I see. :p I didnt knew MikeA had a company. Is it any good?
  6. Yes, he is the ExtraVM's owner, I use it and I recommend it (Also, I never seen someone complaining about ExtraVM here on Spigot, so...)

    Now, before this gets too much offtopic:
    ExtraVM provides some tutorials about VPS and Linux on the Knowledgebase, here's one about installing Spigot on CentOS 6: https://extravm.com/billing/knowledgebase/20/Setup-Spigot-Minecraft-Server-on-CentOS-6.html

    Seems complex the first time you try this, but it is actually very easy, and, if you are going just to host a Minecraft server, you will just need to do that one time, and, after the first time, just remember to use "screen -r" to return to the screen.

    If you have any other issues, 99% of them can be easily fixed by looking up on Google ("how to create a folder in centos?", "how to rename a folder in centos?", etc... I still lookup those tutorials on Google because I always forget those things :p )
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  7. Don't forget to secure the server of course.
  8. Protection? Who needs protection with the super amazing long and complex "password123" SSH root password? /s
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    @XxDragonSlayerxX I saw your PM but guess I just forgot to reply to it earlier (was kind of busy), if you just need Multicraft and whatnot installed open a ticket and I can do it for you.

    Ironically enough I don't block traffic or actively use any software firewalls on any of the Minecraft systems (except for a few people who run BungeeCord externally), too much of a hassle to deal with on those. I laugh when people are so scared about security, just get a long complex password and make sure you're not running any other software that might pose a thread and allow external connections and people are usually fine, mostly for game servers. Not only that but I offer to pay people to notify me of *real* security threats (which none have been reported.)
    Of course the software firewall isn't the only thing you need to do, I have many other security changes in place on the Minecraft systems so they can't be abused.
  10. So... "I only made a joke to be funny but I actually just have a secure root password" :p

    Also, doesn't ExtraVM blocks every UDP port unless you create a ticket to open it?

    (Good job on doing your shenanigans on ExtraVM, I think ExtraVM is the only host I didn't had to create a ticket because of host issues, and I already used a lot of hosts before... and the VPS performance (OpenVZ, 8GB) almost matches the performance I had on a 32GB OVH dedicated machine ;) )
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    I know :p On most of them yes, but for Minecraft it's not needed since basically nothing requires UDP.

    Thanks though. The OpenVZ have gone pretty well, I run the Multicraft panel on one of them too.