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  1. Hello Spigot Community,

    I posted here a few months back asking what shared minecraft host I should go with, well unfortunately I didnt have time to purchase one. After looking around for awhile this past week I came across reading about VPS hosting. I heard that VPS are pretty good for minecraft hosting and such and I am thinking I would like to try one.

    Here is what type of server it will be, amount of players, plugins etc...

    Players - 5-15 (most friends)
    Types of server (Will vary from time to time) - Forge, Spigot, Vanilla.
    Price - I dont really have one but I was running a dedicated server awhile back and I was paying about 40 a month and I got kind of tired of paying that, So I would like to keep it as minimal as possible.
    Plugins - 10-15

    If you guys need any more info, just ask :).

  2. Id personally suggest @MikeA (https://extravm.com/) for Minecraft VPS's. Hes very professional and been in the industry for a while.
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    Thanks Ian, ironic timing, but if you'd want @DirtBikeFreak98 I'll have new NVMe SSD KVM VPS soon and there'll be a limited time 40% off recurring discount, send me a PM and I can see about reserving space for one if you're interested. $3.60, 1GB RAM, 15GB NVMe SSD, 1 Core.
  4. I myself use strato vps. Very good, but you needd to install EVERYTHING yourself, excpet the basic os.
    Important -> hosted in EU (Germany and Netherlands and I think they are getting servers in Engeland but not sure)
  5. Strato has a bad reputation, look up for their reviews on ispgids
  6. Before you read this:
    This is not criticism to what you said @jessegeerts, just to give the reader my opinion. I think it is a great provider, and i don't know all services they have but i am very satisfied with my vps server hosted by strato.

    This is what i read on ispgids.com:
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    I recommend ovsus.com.
  8. Read the reviews: https://www.ispgids.com/ervaringen/strato