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  1. I want to open a server, and I'm looking at different options, I was thinking about a dedicated or a VPS, and I opted for VPS since I think it's the best option to start. Now my question, which VPS host do you recommend? I have a budget of about $ 25, I want something with good quality but that is not very expensive.
  2. My personal favourite is VPS by ovh.com - pretty cheap, but powerful enough for start.
  3. Location + RAM requirements?
  4. VPS SSD, VPS Cloud or VPS Cloud RAM?
  5. I'm not sure where to place it, but either in Europe or in America, and about 6 or 8 GB of RAM.
  6. I was using VPS SSD 3.
    Depends on your target audience. It's just about ping.
  7. if you're running MC servers, stay away from OVH VPSs

    If you can up your budget to $30 for 8GB, BuyVM are doing some really nice upgrades currently (3900X CPUs, one of the best for MC). If you buy in the Las Vegas location and ticket, Fran will put you on a 3900X node straight away, but New York should also be getting 3900Xs in the coming weeks. BuyVM is overall a good provider, you can get some good add-ons like 30tbps ddos protection for $3/mo, or block storage at $1.25/256GB. Have a couple servers myself.
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    What type of VPS?
  9. But is Dedicated or VPS?
  10. VPS, with dedicated resources
  11. I use vpsnet.com personally
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