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  1. I am looking around for a vps so I can host a network and I was wondering how many servers could a vps host if these are the specs:

    • 8 GB RAM
    • 8 GB vSwap
    • 8 CPU Cores
    • 160 GB RAID Storage
    • 4 TB Premium Bandwidth
    • 1,000 MBit Port
    • 3 IPv4 Address
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    With a VPS, CPU cores isn't something that can be calculated. Each provider splits up their "virtual" cores completely different and uses different CPUs. You really won't know until you start running the server and see what sort of load you're putting on it.
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  3. We'll need to know the exact model of the CPU your host is using. It's the most important part for measuring performance.
  4. Is this what you are wanting to see?

    • 12 Core Intel Xeon processors for maximum performance
    Also if it makes a difference i'm looking at DemonVPS
  5. No, we need the exact model, i.e. E5-2699v3.
  6. I don't see the model on their website but I will give you a link to the website because maybe i'm just missing it. Link
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    They use the dual L5639 I believe.

    (( snip - misread thread )) - If you want to know how many servers it can run, I wouldn't recommend running a ton of Minecraft servers on a VPS. Since it says 120GB Disk, I assume it's using regular 7200rpm HDDs.
  8. Can a vps host multiple servers if the cpu is good enough?
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    With 8 GB of RAM, those "8 vCPU Cores" are spread among at least 8 other customers. Regardless of the CPU, the performance won't be great.
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  10. So would I be better off to go with a dedicated server? I need around 5 servers so I don't want anyone getting in the way of that.
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    Yes, a single quad core should be able to handle that just fine. The OVH brands (Kimsufi/SYS) typically have dedicated servers priced very close to VPS pricing. A lot of members here love them...
  12. Where could i find OVHs for cheap or near the VPS price?
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    Kimsufi and Soyoustart brands.
  14. Alright thanks i will check up on these.
  15. I would recommend Digitalocean
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  16. kimsufi is better deal
  17. If you need 8GB of ram on a VPS, just use a dedi
  18. But you have to pay setup fee
  19. STOP!
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