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  1. Hey!

    I am the owner of AJGaming and we have been using 2 OVH VPS machines to run two sets of download servers (One primary and a secondary as a backup). We have recently been coming into a lot of issues with the VPS' due to their limitations (Not OVH's fault).

    I am asking what the best company would be to go with. I am looking for VPS servers that have an unmetered bandwidth (or a very high amount) and has high transfer speed.

    Please don't just state OVH and DigitalOcean as I have already looked into both of these options.
  2. What are your RAM and CPU requirements?
  3. I don't see how OVH isn't meeting those requirements based on just fast connection speeds with unmetered bandwidth as that's exactly what they provide, you need to be more specific on what exactly you're getting limited by, generally moving to another VPS isn't going to solve your problems as I am going to assume it's a hardware limitation, try a Dedicated Server instead.
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    Afterburst has unmetered VPS, make sure to read their acceptable use policy though (as you should every host).
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