VPS - How to setup a server panel?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Mcmacool, May 30, 2016.

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  1. Hello Spigot!!

    So I was recently thinking of making a small little fun project, no reason just wanted to start a small server and see how it went. Then, I was looking at VPS instead of Minecraft Host Resellers; However, if I did buy a VPS how on earth would I set it up? Could some one help me out, maybe give me some advice?


    (I am interested in ordering: OVH)
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    It's not too hard, there are guides on the internet for this. Pufferpanel is the best free one I've tried. But I think (??) OVH have a MineOS distro. I am not sure so let me check quickly.

    Edit: They don't sadly. I recommend selecting Ubuntu 14.04 for the operating system when buying the vps. And here is a guide of how to install pufferpanel http://www.pufferpanel.com/docs

    I'm happy to give you a hand with the process if you'd like, so PM me if you need.
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  4. I've set up a vps and learned the basics of ubuntu within within 2 weeks. (It could have been way faster if it haven't been for a key authentication problem I had). Honestly the command line isn't too bad, what I do when I don't know how to do something I like it up and it usually pops up with a command I can use and I just copy it.

    If you chose the operating system Ubuntu, here's what you will need to get started:

    Putty Terminal:

    The key authentication part in this tutorial doesn't work on a windows computer, get PuttyGen (It's in the same link that the putty terminal download is in)

    Then when setting up a minecraft server, use this tutorial:

    If you have any questions just pm me, I'd be glad to help.
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