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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by oPqnda, May 30, 2016.

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  1. So, I have bought a VPS recent and I am working on my MC server. Now, I am wanting to create a SG server on there, but when I upload the whole world to server (server is off) But when I try upload the world, yes it uploads. When the world is in and the server is restarting, I get this message. 'java.io.FileNotFoundException: .sg/session.lock (Permission denied)' How do I fix this?
  2. I think there already is a server running on that same world, no idea how :p I'd try to restart your VPS and if it keeps giving this error just delete the session.lock file in your world folder.
  3. I have removed the session.lock and it doesn't really do much even restarting the VPS doesn't really do much.
  4. Which worlds do you have? Try deleting it for world "sg" if you have a world with this name.
  5. That means some permissions are messed up. run chmod -R 777 sg (I'm assuming sg is the folder name)
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  6. Would I run that command in Putty?
  7. Yes, through SSH. Also be in the correct directory.
  8. Okay. Thank you!
  9. Suggesting 777 is a great way to cause problems later. It is horribly insecure, and it's not a fix. 777 is never an answer. Finding what is wrong and fixing that is.
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  10. I get this all the time on my pufferpanel install. When I upload the world (or any other file) its owned by the root user and it has to be owned by the pufferpanel user.

    Can you tell me what panel you're using (if any) and ill try and help you out?
  11. OP is using MineOS (check the title)
  12. You're looking at the Enable Stable Branch section you should be looking at the one just under that labeled Fix Permissions.
    PS: Here I'll just copy and paste the commands :p...

    Run as root:
    Code (Text):
    chown -R mc:mc /usr/games/minecraft
    chown -R mc:mc /usr/local/www/hiawatha
    chown -R mc:mc /home/mc
    rm /usr/local/www/hiawatha/admin/cgi-bin/server.py
    ln -s /usr/games/minecraft/server.py /usr/local/www/hiawatha/admin/cgi-bin/server.py
    chmod u+x /usr/games/minecraft/*.py

    chmod u+x /usr/games/minecraft/*.sh
    These commands should 'restore the expected permissions for MineOS scripts'.
  13. Screenshot_4.png

    Sorry I am pretty new to this stuff, so I am learning how things go on.
  14. Execute this command: tail -F /etc/passwd and show us the output
  15. What user are you using? seems like there's some misunderstanding here... If you wish, contact me through pm and I'll check it out for you.
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