VPS (or dedi) for web hosting + small server

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  1. Hello Spigot! I need a VPS or dedicated server for hosting 2 websites and a very small testing Minecraft server with at most 2 players on at a time. The websites will have fairly low load and will be hosted with nginx and may include a MySQL database with phpmyadmin. I need unlimited bandwidth and I want to run Ubuntu Server 14.04(.1) x64 LTS. I have no specific budget, however I want to go as low as possible.

    I am thinking of using a KS-1 for this, but I'd much rather go cheaper. I do not want to use an OVH vps because those limit bandwidth before getting to painfully slow speeds.
  2. You won't want to host a Minecraft server on an Atom processor (KS-1) ever regardless of its purpose. You could take a look at RamNode for VPSs or getting a non-Atom processor at Kimi.
  3. OVHs Cloud VPS is perfect for this.
  4. Do you have some stats to back this up? I once ran a Minecraft server (it wasn't even Spigot) with ~50 plugins and an average of 0-10 players on a Windows XP computer from 2001 with 1gb of ddr2 ram. It actually surprisingly worked well when network latency was bypassed (by joining from another computer in the same network). I'd think that an atom processor would do fine as well -- especially when running Linux.

    Those have bandwidth limits. This server will be used to serve (somewhat large) files.
  5. Then, take a look at Online.net.
    I've used it for hosting few websites and a test minecraft server and it worked with no issues.
  6. A KS-1 runs an Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2800. Its single threaded performance isn't going to be great is it?
  7. I could host your websites for you if you wish.
  8. It seems to be basically the same as OVH except 300mbps is guarenteed instead of 100mbps and DDOS protection isn't included. It is certainly interesting, and I'll consider it -- but I don't really see the point of going with it over Kimsufi. Also, how is it's connection to the US (better, worse, or the same as OVH BHS)?