VPS or Dedicated?

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  1. I'm not entirely sure I completely understand the difference between a dedicated server and a virtual private server. I'm running a Minecraft charity even using bungee and spigot, with 1 proxy and around 10-15 spigot servers running under it, each with an equally distributed amount of around 1000 total players online at the same time (this is what we project). Would a VPS or a dedicated server be the right fit? How much RAM? Cores? Suggested hosts?

  2. With 10-15 servers and 1000+ players, you definitely need a dedicated server. Possibly even multiple. A VPS is fine for BungeeCord.
  3. A vps is like a dedi, however the resources are shared. For your needs, you'll need a pretty beefy dedi (maybe multiple). I suggest reliablesite for the host.

    EDIT: Just curious, what's your budget?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! So you're saying even the best DigitalOcean droplet plan wouldn't be enough for this? Why not, if it has the same specs as a dedicated server? What's the difference?

    Also how much RAM do you recommend for a dedicated server?
  5. Ram isn't overly important, cpu is. I stated the difference between a vps and dedi in my previous post.
  6. A dedi is what it's named. It is a machine specifically dedicated to you. The whole thing.

    A vps is shared. Hosts will cram as many accounts one a single dedi as they can fit with minimal overlap. Some hosts will actually purposefully oversell their machines like this.

    Think of it this way: dedi vs vps = car vs taxi. One you own, and only you use it. If you're not using it it just sits there. A taxi, on the other hand, is not owned by you, but you can use it when you need it, and there might be other people carpooling with you, too.
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  7. Awesome, thanks so much.

    What specs do you guys suggest I get for a dedicated server?
  8. Get as much as you need. The bottleneck for Minecraft is the cpu clock, not so much the ram. Get the fastest clock speed you can find. Multi cores don't matter as much.

    My dedi is an i7 4790k (4.0ghz) from SoYouStart.
  9. Don't expect to get thousands of players on first release though, start small and upgrade your machine through the host overtime, most hosts will offer an upgrade option, without losing your items
  10. This is a charity event, it will not be open for more than 3 days.
  11. Then you might want to look for a dedicated server at OVH. You can buy servers per week instead of per month.
  12. We still need it up for testing purposes prior to the event though :) I'm just looking for what specs are needed. Anyone else willing to tell me their experience and what they think are good specs?
  13. I advice for my pars a dedicated server hosted at OVH or SoYouStart. I think for 10-15 servers mini-games 30 GB RAM


    Je conseil pour ma pars un serveur dédié hébergé chez OVH ou SoYouStart. Je pense que pour 10-15 serveurs mini-jeux 30 GO RAM
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  14. No need for french, lol.

    Yes, about 32GB of RAM may be good for enough 10-15 minigame servers, but you'll probably want slightly more and maybe even seperate it amoung different machines. 1000 players devided over 15 servers is ~66 players per server. You'll probably run about 3 minigames at the same time on one of those servers. With 30 GB of RAM to spend, you can give each server 2GB. 2GB for roughly 60-70 players? That's kinda low. If you want a good running network, I would go for 48-64 GB RAM personally.
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  16. Hello!
    When is this event?
    I might be able to sponsor you for free with about 35-50 Gigs of RAM and 12 cores of 3.07 Ghz Xeon processor with SSD storage.
    It depends abit on when tho if i have server free of clients.

    Best regards
  17. Just host the website on the dedi...
  18. Honestly, ram isn't a key factor, CPU is. With 1000 players you can't just host that on one server (you could but its not a good idea). You'd have to use redis as well. You can give one bungeecord server 6gb of ram but redis can process things better and its a way to link both dedicated servers. My friend owns a server that saw 800 players, it has 4 dedicated servers and 4 bungeecord servers.
  19. Buzzzy


    I recommend Secured Servers for hosting something with such a large player count. The specs that I would go with:

    Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1230 v5 (4×3.4GHz)

    32 GB DDR4

    Location: Ashburn

    480 GB SSD

    20 GB transfer 1 gbs per sec

    $253 per month

    Anyways good luck with this and if you are looking for DDOS protection I also recommend ProxyPipe.
  20. Thanks for your help!