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  1. im looking at a lot of vps's to host my server on, I have about 40 plugins, 15 players. do you recommended something like SkySilk? Would a standard plan with 4gb of ram and one vcpu be enough? Or should I go with a cheap host per/gb like pebblehost? (10gb for $10) with decent specs
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  2. I personally like VPS' from OVH, especially their SSD ones as they are affordable but I also like deluxenode as they are cheap for the amount you get and don't do overselling (check signature for specs). I've had experience with both and with my vps, I was able to hold 40 players online without troubles or performance drops.

    Personally, it's up to you, if you like shared hosting and don't want to go for setting up a vps, it's up to you.
    I personally would stick to VPS' for more customization.
  3. vps=shared hosting, although I agree with the fact that you can do more but you might forget the part if you aren't able to manage the server you will not come that far..
  4. You might as well say that Dedicted Servers are too.
  5. There is shared hosting, where you are a 'user' on a machine with say 2500+ others, sharing resources. You don't get CLI and stuff. This is common in web hosting and why it's referred to as shared hosting.

    VPS, this is a virtual private server, a virtualized instance of the operating system is on a system that's shared with others who have their own account. You however, unlike shared hosting, are more in control. You have remote access to start, stop, restart, reboot, re-install the OS/system, and you get remote access to the machine as a root (super duper admin) user. And you create the accounts on it for your services .Unlike shared hosting there's not 2500+ users on it, it's you and whatever is reasonable, a much lower number. However many hosting providers oversell and hope nobody maxes out the ram/cpu so it doesn't have an effect on the other customers.

    A vps is a great middle ground between super cheap but shit solution for minecraft hosting, and a full dedicated more expensive server. Getting more support from the hosting provider in managing it is also possible. Compared to dedicated, where they usually leave you on your own and you have to get a managed service contract etc for the day to day stuff.

    A dedicated solution is a single server, completely just for you. It's like vps, but you dont' share the hardware with others. Huge benefits, especially for mc hosting, but comes with a price, obviously. Plus, you really must know what you're doing.

    The next step up is co-location. You don't get anything, but you pay for the location. You bring your own hardware, and usually it's expected this is obviously rack mountable hardware. You go into the data center, place the stuff down, connect to the network, and go home again. When the contract is over, you go there, pick up your hardware and go home again. This is great for someone who has a network of mc servers, web hosts, customer databases, backup solutions etc. And it's much cheaper to hire the space and own your own hardware.

    So for 90% of this website (and the world) i recommend to forget about the lowest and highest .. shared hosting gives you almost No control, and co-location is generally not needed. That leaves vps and dedicated. If you don't get more than 100 users, and the price and performance for the vps is below what the dedicated solution would cost: VPS, if you require more space, more hard drives, more control, and better performance, and that vps is basically the price of the dedicated solution: go dedicated.
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  6. If you are not sure what you are going to do or how to setup your minecraft server through VPS. I then highly recommend you to just get Minecraft Server Hosting as then you do not need to setup the server so its up and running well.
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  7. Shared hosting with 2500+??? I hope not
  8. Well its funny to say this but there are actually hosting companies who do this, maybe not 2500+ but think about 500 to a 1000 or well maybe there are companies who do 2500+ on a machine which is nowadays called: Oversourced XD
  9. Overloaded
  10. Well overselled I meant, overloaded is a bit different in term wise.
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    Vps is almost always a bad choice for minecraft

    Dedicated server or mc host
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