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  1. Hello there. I want to buy a VPS from somewhere to start my server on it.
    So what gona be the server?

    Residence, KITPVP, Classic survival, PvP
    How many plugins?
    About 45/50 max..
    How many players ?
    Max 100
    Thats what i want to do.

    So i need VPS with 8 Ram let say or more. But the bigger question from where? Can u give me good VPS which one is best and easy for new one who will work with VPS

    Many thanks .
  2. You could check out:
    - Ovh
    - Kimsufi
    - Webtropia (Just dedicated servers though)

    What is your budget?
  3. Can recommend OVH, but it is worth noting that Kimsufi does not sell VPS's, when you click on them on Kimsufi's website it just redirects you to OVH.
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  4. I suggest contabo, but keep in mind you won't get any ddos protection, and they only have a location in germany.
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  5. So I know about them but which one ? Is perfect VPS for mc hosting.
    My budget is about 15 paunds let say or 20.
    I gona use antibotdeluxe plugins which is good.
    My server gona be just for Bulgaria people so its gona be host somewhere close to us.
  6. And if i buy VPS let say from OVH what about Operating system ? What it should be?
    Version ?
  7. I always use Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS)
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  8. Operating system is personal preference. Since you're probably getting an unmanaged service you need to familiarize yourself with how the OS you're choosing works. Remember to secure the server as soon as possible as well.
  9. So about OS i can use anyone which is easy for me? Right ?
    Also i can host 1 server without problems on VPS from OVH as this on the picture?
    And i can control it from theirs webpanel or not? To make a server and upload files to VPS and evrything about it.
    Or? I have to create way as FTP and evrything like that ?
    I am very new on this and when I reading in spigot about VPS cant understand anything.. I am so sorry about these questions and about my English . I always do my server on mc hosting but now want something different ..

    Many thanks to everybody .

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  10. I have been through the same process :) , I started with a simple server from some shitty host then moved then moved to the ssd 3 vps from ovh which performance wise was decent but far from perfect (Keep in mind my server had an average amount of 100 players online). After running my server on the vps for a month i moved to a shared minecraft host again just because the perfomance was better than the vps i got from ovh. This makes sense because on a shared minecraft host the node is dedicated to hosting minecraft servers and with a vps there is also the OS etc. Ofcourse this all depends on which vps / minecraft server you get. In the end it was worth buying the vps because I learned a lot about using the command line. I would recommend using ubuntu 16.04 just because there are so much tutorials out there for it. If you want to get familiar with the command line and get performance the only thing i could really think of is a dedicated server but with your budget this is not an option so a vps would be a nice start.
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  11. So with that VPS i can start server without anypoblems. And will not have lags if maxp are 100 let say?
    What you want to mean? The shared minecraft host its much better then VPS?
  12. It depends on the host and whether or how much they oversell their nodes and the actual specification on those. Sometimes Minecraft hosting could end up better if it's the same price as a VPS but has more cores or clock-speed and RAM etc.
  13. That plugin won't protect you from ddos attacks, it protects you from bot attacks.
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