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  1. I am currently using https://minecraftserver.net for my factions server. They have been decent except for a few issues. First, votifier does not work. I have no idea why but their support can't figure it out. I get failed to connect every time. Second, I get really bad network lag in the LA location. I looked up the IP address and it looks to be QuadraNet. I've heard bad things about them and I don't really know if I should stay.

    That being said, what VPS should have 3GB of RAM, 2 CPU cores, and be $10 a month or less since I wasted this months budget on Minecraft Server?
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    Are you looking for a Los Angeles location or elsewhere?
  3. Good luck getting TWO CORES and 3GB of RAM for $10 a month alone. You'll will have to least triple that budget to start seeing some options.
  4. Not really... Ovh has 8gb for under $10, but only 2 vcores
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    I have used FlipperHost, their Texas location has great IO. LA is average, still Quadranet tho.
  6. Precisely vcores are NOT to be considered as the same thing as CPU cores. Dedicated cores are around $10-$20/core. This is because CPU resources are the most expensive to rent out vs. RAM/disk space/bandwidth.
  7. Wait! It is possible to get full cores? Where can you get that?
  8. Yep with quality VPS/VDS providers, they don't sell cheap but you will be able to grind 100% of the core(s) rented 24/7 if needed.

    I know Fragnet sells VDSes with full cores but I am sure you can probably turn up other providers too.
  9. Location? Are we talking US or EU here?
  10. As long as your server is not huge one, 2 vcores can do the job, my VPS is in OVH, pretty good services, no lags, server running smooth, I wish they will open a data center in Frankfurt/Amsterdam/London since the routing to these locations are faster.
  11. I would prefer western US, but mid US works too. I just need good enough CPU cores to run 80 plugins with 10 players on average and 25 on peak.
  12. Would anyone else recommend this host?
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    Do you need a VPS for just Minecraft? OpenVZ servers have limits in place on resources like the processor and disk so you won't be able to fully utilize it if you ever needed to. West coast will cost more and unless you're in Asia/Australia then the latency would not even matter for Minecraft.
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    Read the comments on that link.

    Also this is about Minecraft, but I ran a server with about the same amount of plugins and some and it was fine.

    Here Ceko sums up all the major complaints.
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    I don't think you can get 2 cores for $10 a month. You might have to compromise on your budget or your specs.
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  16. I'm creating a new thread soon anyway since I have a budget increase.