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  1. Good morning Spigot community!

    I am in the market for a cheap vps, where I can setup my network. I would go for ovh just the support is minimal. Keep in mind I am only setting up the server and I will move to something more powerful once it is setup. Their will be only a few players on the server, 1 to 5, so the cpu doesn't have to be great. Here are the more tech details, I need 6-8gb of ram, I am use to Ubuntu 14.04, location doesn't mater, and I don't really need DDoS protection.

    Thanks in advanced ;)
  2. Yes, you do need DDoS protection, unless you plan on making the server whitelist only. Just saying.
  3. No I don't since I am only setting up my server.
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  4. There is no need to be rude
  5. Sorry to be rude, us Dutch people are just straight to the point :p

    @FlyingLlama sorry for any rudeness.
  6. That's borderline rudeness, and it's not really rude enough for your pointless comment to be pointful.

    Also, I'd imagine OVH would be a good host for what you need.
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    I personally use OVH but I have one of their higher packages with their CISCO firewall, I can definitely recommend this service.
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    If you just need a cheap VPS OVH will do, but don't expect it to be long term due to the low core count.
    He isn't being rude.
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  9. I don't get how "can you not read" and "makes you look like an idiot" is not rude but ima just move on ;-;
  10. It was not nude, but neutral. He did not directly come out and say, "You're an idiot", or something along the lines of that.

    Anyways, for the best deals for high ram VPS servers, OVH is likely the best place to go. (as stated above)
  11. See omgserv VPS offers
  12. Do you own the company? Since I see you talking about them a lot? If so I maybe interested...
  13. RSNET-Radic


    At 6 - 8 GB of RAM, you'll be beyond the CPU threshold that most VPS allow. You're in dedicated server territory.
  14. It only for testing as per OP specifics so he will be fine using a VM for the intern.
  15. OVH is a good way to go.
  16. If I were you I'd go with OVH .