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  1. Hey, im looking for a 2GB ram vps in Europe for around 6 to 8 euros, it need to have a very good cpu, fast ram, and ssd.
    EDIT: and it should have very fast internet connection.
  2. What are you going to do with the vps?
  3. Host a minecraft server hence i need a very good cpu.
  4. I would suggest atleast 2 virtual cores (or 2 threads) for a VPS. My experience so far says that it makes a huge difference. I have a VPS at the moment with a single core and single thread (for testing) and it can't even keep a stable 20 tps, even without players online and with 0 plugins. There's a bunch of other stuff on the server such as daemons and monitor tools, but it just doesn't have enough left for Minecraft. It's only 2.1 GHz (or 2.4).

    You could try these from OVH: https://www.ovh.nl/vps/vps-ssd.xml
    The VPS SSD 3 is probably the best what you can get for that money. If you go to about €15,00 monthly you could go for a better one with 3.1 GHz and about 8 GB ram, with 2 cores as well.
  5. latiku


  6. A host like contabo would fit with in the budget and it has more RAM though
  7. ni-host would be a option
  8. Is that host reliable? It seems way too good to be true.